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Voicemail–It’s not just about leaving messages

It has become common practice for a caller to request to leave a message in an unavailable employee’s voicemail box.  While some companies do not see this as a necessity, there are other benefits to having a voicemail system besides just allowing callers to leave messages for individuals. Connectivity While Away Technology as a whole […]

VoIP Phone And 2016

VoIP phone usage has been growing consistently since 2012. The growth rate has been around 7% every year. 2016 will be no different. That year will see the same growth in VoIP phone use. It is now a buyer’s market for IP-PBX. The market conditions are extremely favourable – low prices, large number of alternates, […]

Choosing the Right Wireless Headset: DECT vs. Bluetooth

As you’re hunting around for wireless headset to go with your unified communications implementation (because, as we’ve discussed, a proper wireless headset is crucial to user acceptance), you’ll likely come across the DECT standard. You may find yourself wondering just what DECT is and how it differs from Bluetooth. This simple post will, hopefully, put the matter to rest. […]

Lower Costs With IP Video Conferencing

Gone are the days when business executives need to travel half way around the world to attend a 4 hour business meeting. Then take a return flight just to turn-around and go back to their respective locations. This not only kills time and energy of those concerned. It also cost companies a lot of money. […]

Have you downloaded Toshiba’s UCedge app?

Let your smartphone and/or tablet also be your extension on your Toshiba business phone system. The best part is, you no longer have to give clients your cell phone number; you can protect your private mobile number by displaying only the office number in Caller ID. Stay connected wherever your work takes you. Work Smart. Anywhere. Take/ make office calls Transfer […]

Unified Communications Trends

Unified Communications, or UCC, has finally gained momentum and got the industry acceptance that it has been looking for all these years. The universal platform that integrates everything from an email to videoconferencing is here to stay because customers can’t get enough of this latest technology. The fact is that UC has been in the […]

Data Recovery Services vs Software

There are two ways in which the lost data can be recovered – by using data recovery services that are offered by various companies, or using certain specific data recovery software. These data recovery service providers themselves use data recovery software in order to recover lost data from your hard drive. The question therefore is […]

Things to Consider During Data Cabling Installation

Data cabling is essential for your organization to function and operate in today’s environment. Here are some things that should be considered when installing data cables. Plan for the Future There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account during the installation of data cabling. These include the probability of the […]

Three Steps to Ensure IP-PBX Security

Businesses are fast adopting IP-PBX systems to strengthen their communications as well as make them more efficient. The deployment phase of IP-PBX is extremely critical and great care should be taken in terms of the security of the system. Cyberattacks are on the rise and with every passing day the hackers are resorting to more […]

The Power of VOIP during Disaster Recovery

Businesses can be severely affected due to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes etc. that not only damage the office space but also force the staff to relocate. The latest earthquake in Nepal is the biggest example of the veracity of nature and its disastrous implications on humans. Commercial buildings were completely destroyed and […]