Voicemail–It’s not just about leaving messages

It has become common practice for a caller to request to leave a message in an unavailable employee’s voicemail box.  While some companies do not see this as a necessity, there are other benefits to having a voicemail system besides just allowing callers to leave messages for individuals.

Connectivity While Away

Technology as a whole is moving in a direction that allows users to stay connected with their businesses, regardless of in-office availability.  Voicemail systems are also following this trend.  Options are now available that makes it possible to know when messages are received.

Cell Notification alerts the user of a new message via a phone call.  The voicemail system calls the destination number or numbers and allows the user to log in to listen to the message.  The notification can be set to alert immediately or after a desired amount of time, as well as continue to call until the message has been checked.  Cell Notification works well for companies that require on-call employees after-hours.

Unified Messaging sends an email to the user with a copy of the voicemail recording attached.  The message can be listened to from any device that is able to access the email account.  This feature is beneficial to staff members who are often traveling and businesses that work closely with other businesses, such as vendors.  Since the message is now in the form of an email, it can be sent to anyone outside of the organization.  For example, businesses no longer have to relay a message regarding a product to the vendor.  The email containing the recorded message can be sent to the vendor, allowing the caller’s exact words and enthusiasm to be heard.  Unified Messaging has become an ideal solution many types of businesses.

Worker Efficiency

With a voicemail system, the days of hand-written messages getting lost in a stack of paperwork are gone.  A message can be left in the voicemail box of the person for which it is intended.  Having a voicemail system, also means having the option to set up an automated attendant that can relieve employees from feeling like a call center.  Answering the phones is typically not an employee’s only responsibility.  An automated attendant can route calls according to the options given while the administrative staff works on other tasks.

Any Company Can Benefit from Voicemail

Advancements in technology has ushered in a way for voicemail systems to keep teams connected to customers and individual employees focused on more important duties.  Regardless of size, any business can take advantage of what voicemail has to offer.

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