Now Hiring – Administrative Assistant


Location: Lafayette
Job Type: Full-Time
Positions Available: 1


Universal ComOne has a Full-time position available for an administrative assistant / inside customer support. Universal ComOne offers a fast-paced, challenging career opportunity for people interested in learning the telecommunications industry. No experience necessary, but candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Word and have good computer skills. They need to have an upbeat personality with excellent customer service skills, be a quick learner, self motivated, able to easily grasp technology, and have strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Must have strong computer skills and good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • Excellent communication skills, including public speaking
  • Applicant must have an upbeat personality
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Detail oriented with the ability to multi-task
  • Quick learner
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to easily grasp technology

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Process and handle incoming and outgoing mail
  • Review and process monthly telecom bills
  • Answer phones
  • Enter service orders
  • Purchase office supplies
  • Enter Accounts Payable
  • Process Accounts Receivables
  • Make daily deposits
  • Assist with projects

This position is excellent for either an individual with little or no office experience that is willing to learn or someone who has done office work in the past. You will enjoy a casual work environment with a professional attitude towards customer service.

***Only strong candidates need to respond by emailing resume to [email protected]

Benefits Offered:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holidays
  • Vacation
  • Sick Leave
  • Uniform Allowance

About Universal ComOne

Universal ComOne has been in business for 13 years and is the fastest growing telecommunications company in Acadiana. You will enjoy a casual work environment with a professional attitude towards customer service. Universal ComOne offers an extensive benefits package to all full-time employees. You will have room for growth and advancement as the company grows.

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Voicemail–It’s not just about leaving messages

It has become common practice for a caller to request to leave a message in an unavailable employee’s voicemail box.  While some companies do not see this as a necessity, there are other benefits to having a voicemail system besides just allowing callers to leave messages for individuals.

Connectivity While Away

Technology as a whole is moving in a direction that allows users to stay connected with their businesses, regardless of in-office availability.  Voicemail systems are also following this trend.  Options are now available that makes it possible to know when messages are received.

Cell Notification alerts the user of a new message via a phone call.  The voicemail system calls the destination number or numbers and allows the user to log in to listen to the message.  The notification can be set to alert immediately or after a desired amount of time, as well as continue to call until the message has been checked.  Cell Notification works well for companies that require on-call employees after-hours.

Unified Messaging sends an email to the user with a copy of the voicemail recording attached.  The message can be listened to from any device that is able to access the email account.  This feature is beneficial to staff members who are often traveling and businesses that work closely with other businesses, such as vendors.  Since the message is now in the form of an email, it can be sent to anyone outside of the organization.  For example, businesses no longer have to relay a message regarding a product to the vendor.  The email containing the recorded message can be sent to the vendor, allowing the caller’s exact words and enthusiasm to be heard.  Unified Messaging has become an ideal solution many types of businesses.

Worker Efficiency

With a voicemail system, the days of hand-written messages getting lost in a stack of paperwork are gone.  A message can be left in the voicemail box of the person for which it is intended.  Having a voicemail system, also means having the option to set up an automated attendant that can relieve employees from feeling like a call center.  Answering the phones is typically not an employee’s only responsibility.  An automated attendant can route calls according to the options given while the administrative staff works on other tasks.

Any Company Can Benefit from Voicemail

Advancements in technology has ushered in a way for voicemail systems to keep teams connected to customers and individual employees focused on more important duties.  Regardless of size, any business can take advantage of what voicemail has to offer.

To purchase a voicemail system or to find out how your company can utilize the features mentioned, please contact Universal ComOne at (337) 205-9364


Welcome T&L Customers


The previous owner of T&L Communications has retired and sold the company’s substantial assets to us, Universal ComOne Louisiana.  We are excited to start working with T&L customers and serving all their telecommunication needs.

What to Expect

We will be schedule a free site survey for all previous T&L customers. One of our techs will come on-site to become familiar with the voice and data network.  This will allow us to update our records in order to provide excellent service going forward.

Service Area

Universal ComOne directly services parishes in south Louisiana and southeast Texas. We also service all states in the continental United States. On-premise service is provided through a network of certified technicians. Remote programming and support is provided from our Lafayette corporate office.

Submit Service Requests:

Phone:     337-234-2828

Email:      [email protected]

Online:    Click Here

Thank You and Welcome

Any questions or concerns can be directed to 337-205-9364.

We appreciate your confidence in Universal ComOne and look forward to continuing to provide superior telecommunication services.




Was Your Business Prepared for the Recent Flooding?

Over 7,000 local businesses where shut down due to the recent flooding in Louisiana.

Many office buildings still have standing water in them, so there’s no way for employees to report to work.  If all employees were forced to evacuate or are unable to physically get to the office, your business communications shouldn’t have to suffer.

Re-Route Calls

Phone systems are capable of forwarding numbers outside of the physical location, so businesses can still operate from a remote site. Calls can be re-directed to an alternate branch office or to cell phones.

Let Callers Know

Calls can also be handled by a custom automated attendant. Callers can be made aware that your business was effected by the flood and is not currently open. Sales or emergency calls can be directed as necessary to a cell phone or a voicemail box.

Faxes Sent to Email

Today’s technology begins to shine when businesses doesn’t have to miss a beat—even after such a devastating flood.  Faxes can be sent to email boxes, and most people can view email from their smartphone. This allows employees to work from home or any remote location as long as necessary.

Planning for a Disaster

Planning for a disaster is not a top priority for many business owners…until something actually happens. Hurricanes are anticipated in Louisiana, so we have learned to prepare for them. No one expected such a devastating flood to take place in Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

Natural disaster can be detrimental for a business, so it’s important to plan ahead. If your company does not have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, we highly recommend you adopt one soon.

We Want to Help

If your business was affected by the flood or if your company does not have a disaster recovery plan in place, please call Universal ComOne Louisiana at (337) 205-9364. We want to help your business get back on its feet.


Cloud-Based Voicemail Systems

 The Cloud Concept

Cloud-based or hosted services are familiar concepts to most of us. Think of Internet TV instead of  DVR… sharing digital photos online instead of glossy prints… voice mail instead of an answering machine. Why not apply this concept, with all its benefits, to your current phone system?

Level of Security

Voicemail security can be a big concern for many companies. The level of security on the messaging system depends on the organization. For example, defense contractors may need to use enhanced voicemail capabilities behind a firewall as part of their private cloud. For others, simply ensuring the voicemail data is encrypted will suffice.

Immediate NotificationsCloud Phone

When using a hosted voicemail system, all voice messages can be recorded and delivered to the user via email or accessed via a mobile app. Voicemail is a mission-critical application for most businesses, so immediate notification is the key.

Since 80% of business calls go to voicemail, it makes sense  to embrace a cloud-based voicemail system.  Messages are secure and seamlessly delivered to employees. Regardless of an employees location, they can easily retrieve phone messages and return calls as necessary.

SIP Trunking Transition

Connecting to a hosted voicemail system is simplified for organizations that have already embraced SIP trunking. With SIP, the session is directly passed to the hosted provider once the voicemail is initiated. There’s no additional costs. Plus, it will handle recording, transcribing and notifying the end user.


Contact us to learn more about moving to a cloud-based voicemail system.


If you are in Chicago at the #SageSummit, come see us at Booth 510. Dean Simon and Brandon Connolly are ready to talk to you about ways to save on your telephone bills. Universal ComOne specializes in helping multi-location companies save money on their telecom costs.

Sage Summit 2016 - BoothLet us help you implement a more cost effective telecommunications network. Ask us about:

  • Centralized Trunking
  • Hosted Phone System
  • Phone Bill Analysis
  • Telecom Consulting Services

Don’t worry if you aren’t at #SageSummit. The rest of our staff would love to assist you.

Call us at 337-205-9364. Email us at [email protected].

The Power and Convience of an Auto Attendant

Businesses use an automated attendant (AA) to direct calls to the appropriate person or department best suited for the call. This allows a company’s staff to work more efficiently and be more productive; however, many companies do not use this application to its fullest potential. A customized auto attendant can be thought of as a virtual receptionist. It can transfer calls, direct calls to the appropriate people, and even take messages.

When designing your auto attendant, it is important to keep it concise and simple; otherwise, callers may get frustrated or get lost in a endless loop of options. The ease and flow of a call handled by an auto attendant will likely leave your callers with a lasting impression of your company.

A good rule of thumb is…

Have only about  three steps or options for the caller to select before reaching a staff member. Navigating through more than five steps may cause callers to hang up due to frustration or impatience. Options should also be placed in order to frequency to which callers inquire. For example, if the majority of your callers are asking for directions to your location, you should consider “Option 1 for directions.” Likewise, if a very small percentage of callers inquire about your business hours, you might include “To hear our business hours” as a later option.

An auto attendant can be very useful in servicing your customers. When selecting a business phone system, be sure the auto attendant offers a wide variety of options, allowing customization to meet your clients’ needs. After all, it is the first impression your customers will receive when they call your business.