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Was Your Business Prepared for the Recent Flooding?

Over 7,000 local businesses where shut down due to the recent flooding in Louisiana.

Many office buildings still have standing water in them, so there’s no way for employees to report to work.  If all employees were forced to evacuate or are unable to physically get to the office, your business communications shouldn’t have to suffer.

Re-Route Calls

Phone systems are capable of forwarding numbers outside of the physical location, so businesses can still operate from a remote site. Calls can be re-directed to an alternate branch office or to cell phones.

Let Callers Know

Calls can also be handled by a custom automated attendant. Callers can be made aware that your business was effected by the flood and is not currently open. Sales or emergency calls can be directed as necessary to a cell phone or a voicemail box.

Faxes Sent to Email

Today’s technology begins to shine when businesses doesn’t have to miss a beat—even after such a devastating flood.  Faxes can be sent to email boxes, and most people can view email from their smartphone. This allows employees to work from home or any remote location as long as necessary.

Planning for a Disaster

Planning for a disaster is not a top priority for many business owners…until something actually happens. Hurricanes are anticipated in Louisiana, so we have learned to prepare for them. No one expected such a devastating flood to take place in Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

Natural disaster can be detrimental for a business, so it’s important to plan ahead. If your company does not have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, we highly recommend you adopt one soon.

We Want to Help

If your business was affected by the flood or if your company does not have a disaster recovery plan in place, please call Universal ComOne Louisiana at (337) 205-9364. We want to help your business get back on its feet.