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Cloud-Based Voicemail Systems

 The Cloud Concept

Cloud-based or hosted services are familiar concepts to most of us. Think of Internet TV instead of  DVR… sharing digital photos online instead of glossy prints… voice mail instead of an answering machine. Why not apply this concept, with all its benefits, to your current phone system?

Level of Security

Voicemail security can be a big concern for many companies. The level of security on the messaging system depends on the organization. For example, defense contractors may need to use enhanced voicemail capabilities behind a firewall as part of their private cloud. For others, simply ensuring the voicemail data is encrypted will suffice.

Immediate NotificationsCloud Phone

When using a hosted voicemail system, all voice messages can be recorded and delivered to the user via email or accessed via a mobile app. Voicemail is a mission-critical application for most businesses, so immediate notification is the key.

Since 80% of business calls go to voicemail, it makes sense  to embrace a cloud-based voicemail system.  Messages are secure and seamlessly delivered to employees. Regardless of an employees location, they can easily retrieve phone messages and return calls as necessary.

SIP Trunking Transition

Connecting to a hosted voicemail system is simplified for organizations that have already embraced SIP trunking. With SIP, the session is directly passed to the hosted provider once the voicemail is initiated. There’s no additional costs. Plus, it will handle recording, transcribing and notifying the end user.


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