Be Prepared

At any time during a disaster, you should be able to remotely re-route your calls to an alternate branch office or to cell phones. One of the biggest headaches businesses deal with is planning for a disaster. If your company does not have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place, we highly recommend you adopt one soon (before it’s too late).

Your phone system should be capable of forwarding your main number outside of your physical location, so it’s just a matter of documenting the steps necessary to implement a disaster recovery plan. Calls can be handled by a custom Automated Attendant which would direct calls to a designated cell phone or simply take a voice message and notify the correct parties.

Faxes and Emails

We also recommend you consider how faxes and emails will be handled in the event of a disaster as well. If all employees are forced to evacuate or are unable to physically get to the office, your business shouldn’t miss a beat.

If your business does not have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, feel free to call the experts at Universal ComOne Louisiana at (337) 205-9364.