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Lower Costs With IP Video Conferencing

Gone are the days when business executives need to travel half way around the world to attend a 4 hour business meeting. Then take a return flight just to turn-around and go back to their respective locations. This not only kills time and energy of those concerned. It also cost companies a lot of money.

Thanks to the development of IP video conferencing, that scenario has undergone a sea change. Now people can attend a real-time meeting from anywhere in the world. They can continue their discussion as long as their patience permits and the business requires them to, without having to travel. This has had a multi-pronged effect on modern business, especially as far as cost reduction is concerned.

Reduce Travel Costs

Previously, companies would spend a significant amount of money to fly their executives to various meeting venues around the world. Though the advantage of face-to-face interaction between a company and its customers, partners, colleagues and/or other stakeholders can never be replaced, IP video conferencing has brought the closest replica of the ‘real’ thing. Today participants can actually ‘see’ each other in real-time. Hence, it is ‘almost’ the same as the ‘real thing’, yet the cost of transportation virtually disappears.

The introduction of the IP video conferencing has drastically curbed travel expenditures.

Increased Productivity

In the present market, it is not at all unusual to have branch or satellite offices across a country and even across the world. This depends upon the size and the stature of the business. Most of these branches communicate with each other via phone calls, email, or instant messages. The lack of ‘physical’ or face-to-face interaction can result in misunderstanding and/or lost communication.

Here is where the value added features of the IP video conferencing system come into play. They are so impeccably conceptualized that there is hardly any scope of miscommunication. Also, in order to avoid any such misunderstanding, participants must remain extra alert which in turn helps increase productivity amongst the team.

Thus, in one way or another, IP video conferencing technology creates opportunities of cost reduction, better communication and better productivity at the end of the day.

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