Why VoIP and CRM Integration is Vital

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system plays an important role in helping your business keep track of your interactions with leads and customers. Many CRM integrations will allow you to connect your CRM account to your VoIP phone system so that the two systems can exchange information. This integration can have many advantages for your business. Below, we discuss just a few of the business benefits of integrating your VoIP system with your CRM platform.

Benefits of Integrating VoIP with CRM

Here are a few ways that you can benefit from using a VoIP service that integrates with your customer relationship management platform:

Better customer experience

Every business wants to provide a positive experience for their customers. CRM integrations will allow your sales and customer support teams to anticipate what the customer may need in real-time. By automatically pulling up the customer’s information when they call, this integration helps the sales or support agent provide a better experience by allowing them to quickly focus their attention on the customer instead of taking additional time to search for the customer’s information.

Log call data in real-time

Every time someone from your company interacts with a customer, it provides valuable insight for your business. For instance, when sales personnel chat with leads on the phone, these conversations may help shed light on what customers are looking for and what it takes to close the sale. With VoIP CRM integrations, sales and support staff no longer have to manually type up their call notes. Instead, all of this information is logged in real-time, even allowing for agents to attach the recorded conversation to the customer’s profile for later reference.

Improve staff management

VoIP CRM integrations allow you to collect key metrics on each sales and support staff member. For instance, you can track the number of calls that each agent takes, the average wait time, and the average call time. Managers can use this CRM information to find ways to make improvements across the team and with individual team members. This also helps business owners better anticipate their staffing needs as they can determine the busiest call times and identify how many agents are needed to handle current and anticipated call volumes.

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VoIP 101: A Simple Guide to VoIP

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is by no means new. In fact, many providers have been offering this service for years. However, as high-speed internet has become more readily available, VoIP has become a popular way for businesses to communicate with their employees and customers affordably and efficiently. Here, we will provide a basic guide to what VoIP is and how it can benefit your business.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a way to take analog audio signals and turn them into digital signals to be sent over the Internet. To put it more simply, VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. While the current phone system uses an inefficient method to connect calls and maintain a continuous connection, VoIP is much more efficient.

The VoIP phone system uses a method called Packet-Switching, which is the same method you use when looking at a website. For instance, when you read this blog page, your computer is not maintaining a constant connection to the site. Instead, it is making connections as needed to send and receive information, such as when you navigate to another page or click on a link. This means that when you use VoIP services to make a phone call, your call is sent in packets along the least expensive and congested lines available, allowing for more affordable and efficient calling.

Advantages of VoIP for Business

VoIP can offer many advantages for businesses who want to improve communication between employees or connect with their customers in an affordable and efficient format. Here are just some of the benefits that VoIP can provide businesses:

  • VoIP can save companies money. Businesses can save money on long-distance calling and calls that are made on a WAN between intra-office individuals in different locations. Businesses can also save money by keeping their data and voice traffic all on one network, rather than paying for separate data and voice lines.
  • VoIP also increases flexibility and mobility. VoIP allows businesses to integrate programs like video conferencing and email over the internet via telephone. This means that users can speak to others on the phone while still being able to access other applications at the same time. What’s more is that individuals who are on the move can take their adapters anywhere and use their VoIP services at any venue with an Internet connection.
  • VoIP can also increase an organization’s productivity. There are many ways that VoIP services can help a company increase overall productivity across the organization. With VoIP, employees can more easily multi-task without interruption. They can also attach documents and share data through video conferences. In addition, the money that businesses save by using VoIP services, allows companies to allocate the saved funds to other areas of the business that may help boost overall productivity.

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Choosing The Right IP Phone

With the ubiquitous use of smartphones, one would think that phones are dead. Not really. IP Phone is used quite extensively by businesses. It is estimated that over 90% of office communication is through IP Phone.

With 100’s of IP Phones available on the market, how do you choose the one that is right for you? The confusing options from multiple vendors with attractive feature sets, voice quality and price points only increase the complexity of making a decision. Let us take a look at some of the broad factors that need to be considered in the decision to choose an IP Phone.

Do We Need IP Phones At All

There is no denying that the use of mobile phones in enterprise is soaring. At the same time, Nemertes Research has found that businesses still prefer tethered phones. The obvious first reason is call quality. Mobile phone signals are not always strong inside office buildings and office campuses.  We have a tendency to raise our own voice when we cannot hear the other party in a call properly. This may lead to a negative impression for a customer.

Expense is also a strong point.  The costs of supporting mobile devices are going up. If you want to use an executive’s mobile phone as an extension, you will have to bear his data connection costs. At the same time, VoIP and SIP enables executives to log into their work number from anywhere as well as make and receive calls. There is a major benefit to having roaming extensions.

Within the office, IP Phones deliver consistency, reliability and high voice quality that are hard to beat.

Match IP Phone Features to Service

IP Phones are available today from under $40 to $500 and above. It is important to look at the VoIP service’s features and price points before choosing an IP Phone. It does not make much sense to have to subscribe to more VoIP features that are not used just because your IP Phone can use those features. You may also need to integrate the IP Phones with your own internal applications as well as CRM platforms. Though it may make sense to spend a little more for future-proofing, it is not cost effective to go overboard.

Your decision to go with an on-premise VoIP or a cloud based/ hosted system will also have a bearing on the purchase decision of IP Phones.

Stick To Your Budget

All businesses work on a budget. When buying IP Phones, stick to the budget that has been decided. Some IP Phone features may be attractive, but that does not mean you should break your budget. When making a budget, look at all options and features, and decide what you need. Once that is done, stick to those features and budget.

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Office Phone Systems And IoT Alliance

Internet of Things (IoT) has come with a lot of promises to keep us connected through every possible wearable, household and handheld tech device. It is truly the best thing that could have happened over the last few years. Smart devices are going to get smarter when office phone systems through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Internet of Things shake hands. All smart devices will start offering users the ultimate experience and usher in the future digital revolution. Since everything will be powered by the Internet, VoIP is going to play a very crucial role.

Communication Between Devices

According to the estimates of IT market pundits, a whopping 200 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. This implies that every individual across the world will be connected to approximately 9 devices! Office phone systems will receive a shot in the arm because connectivity will no longer be an issue. As you read through this post, there are terabytes of data being exchanged across various networks in the world.

Most of the office phone systems can connect and communicate with one another virtually and wirelessly from any location on earth only if there is an Internet connection. VoIP is completely an Internet-based technology, so it is going to provide an ideal platform for all devices to communicate. Users like you and me can now make optimal use of all the smart devices that we use in the office or our home.

VoIP technology has immense potential for future growth, something that started way back in 2000. Over the past decade it has not only become cheaper and faster but also a strong alternative to the traditional phone system that existed in our homes and offices. Old and cranky office phone systems are quickly being replaced by VoIP. By leveraging the potential of IoT, it is going to turn into an ideal choice for integrating and managing smart devices.

We are already familiar with various communication and social media apps like Facebook, Gtalk and Skype, which are powered by VoIP. Businesses as well as individuals are able to set up cloud-based as well as hosted VoIP services by subscribing to any of the VoIP service providing companies. These companies are offering a bouquet of services that include office communication, data storage and customer relation management, etc.

Both Internet of things and VoIP office phone systems can help users manage a host of devices efficiently. Here is a list of things that we can expect from the much anticipated alliance of VoIP and IoT.

Anytime Access to Data

Accessing data from anywhere at anytime will become a reality when we use devices powered by VoIP and IoT. Companies will be able to update all customer data related to their behaviors, buying patterns, preferences etc. and at the same time inform them about special offers and personalized discounts on a real-time basis. Since the data is hosted on the cloud, collaboration among different groups of customer support teams spread across different time zones will become far easier.

Remote Management Through Office Phone Systems

Smart devices are already remotely manageable and when these will be powered by VoIP and IoT, they will get even better. It will be possible for you to mange devices like security systems, thermostats, air conditioning systems, etc. You can not only enable them from anywhere using your smart device but disable them when not in use. Office phone systems can now be used to manage the power system at the office.

VoIP has been around for over a decade and it was available at a very small scale. It is now time for this powerful technology to hog the limelight and help in leveraging the full potential of the revolution called IoT.

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5 Tips To Improve Business Efficiency With VOIP Phone System

A VOIP Phone System plays a crucial role is your business operations. A business leader is always looking for ways to improve business profitability. Business profitability depends upon two simple factors – more revenue and less expense. The issue with less expense is that, many times, it cuts into the costs of operations. Thus, employees who have restrictions placed on their way of working will find it difficult to deliver.

One of the major areas of operations for any business is communications. In addition to doing away with your standard telephone system, VOIP Phone Systems have much lower installation and operational costs as well as enhanced business operations.

Let us look at 5 ways VOIP Phone Systems can help improve your business efficiency.

Expand Your Business Reach

A VOIP Phone System works on your Internet connection. If you are operating within the US, your operational costs are virtually fixed. For example, for something like $20 a month, you can make any number of calls to any number of other VOIP phones without incurring any additional costs. Look at the plan available and choose the one best suited for your operations. If you have been limiting yourself in terms of your business reach, now is the time to expand your horizon. Talk to potential clients anywhere in the US for the same low costs, as talking to one in your neighborhood.

Always Be Reachable With VoIP Phone System

With IP mobility, VOIP Phone System can reach you anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection. Your mobile device, computer at home, your tablet all become end devices. Your ID is your log-in into a computerized system – not any phone number. As long as you are logged in in some manner, you become reachable to your clients and prospects.

Become Multimedia Capable Overnight

Impress your clients with charts and presentations. Send a video of a new product or service. Impress your potential clients with an interview with an existing client. All these are possible with a VOIP Phone System. They are truly media independent and you can mix voice, data and multimedia output all at the same time.

Improve Employee Communication

One of the greatest advantages of the VOIP Phone System is that employees can talk to each other, have conferences and get answers to queries without any hassles. You see a colleague on-line and that is all you need. He or she is now available for you to call or have a video conference with. That is the ease of doing business with a VOIP Phone System. As we said before, as long as the employee is logged-in, he becomes part of the office network and communication system regardless of where he is physically.

Expand Without Worries

As you gain more clients, offer more services, and release more products, your communication needs will also go up. And that is where cloud based VOIP Phone Systems become irreplaceable. Instead of plonking down a huge amount on in-house IP-PBX, you can subscribe to a hosted PBX that will give you enterprise class features for a fraction of the cost every month.

A VOIP Phone System should be an integral part of every business. Use the large number of features offered by it to expand your own business. Move away from traditional voice calls and impress your clients with your new capabilities.

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Universal ComOne offers award winning business telephone systems that are right for any business. We can design a solution to fit your needs. Please visit our VoIP Phone Systems page to get more details on our business phone capabilities.

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Why do organizations need to record calls?

VoIP offers the unique feature of recording each and every call made using the system. You can save the recorded files in the form of a voice files that can be later reused for various business purposes. There are several call recording tools available in the market that can be used to record VoIP as well as PSTN conversations. This is in fact a great way of immortalizing the conversations and reusing them as and when required.

After you have recorded the calls, you will be able to save them on to the hard disk of your laptop or PC or even cloud storage. The files are stored in the form of media files that follow popular audio formats like mp3, wav etc. Once the calls are stored as audio files, you will be able to share them, archive them, podcast them and do many other things that you desire. Companies often record calls because it is very important for businesses to save information that can be used for managerial or other purposes. People often might not quite like the idea of recording calls as they find it to be a breach of privacy; however, there are real good reasons behind recording phone conversations in an organization.

Companies have several pertinent reasons behind recording a few or all the phone calls. One common reason behind call recording is to improve customer handling and quality management. Often managers want to keep a tab on how the executives in different departments handle customer calls. There is always scope for improvement but it cannot be done until and unless top level managers have access to the voice records. Once they are able to access the audio files of the recorded calls, they will be able to analyze the performance of each executive and offer suggestions on improvements as well.

Quality control in customer call handling is imperative tasks for managers and recorded phone conversations can be a great database for making effective case studies. These case studies can later be used during training sessions to point out the exact mistakes being committed. Thus, agents and executives who handle customer calls on a regular basis will be able to avoid committing the same mistakes and improve their quality.

Another big advantage of call recording is that it provides an opportunity to the executives to later replay the conversation and find out if they have missed out on any important point mentioned by the customer, vendors, colleagues and even seniors. Thus, they can take note anything they missed and provide better and appropriate service to customers.

Call Recording Tools

It is not a very efficient method to put your phone on loudspeaker and record the calls. There are several gadgets and tools to facilitate recording of phone calls that are available either directly with the phone set or uses an external sound card. There are numerous call recording tools offered by VoIP and you can take advantage of these smart yet convenient tools, which are not only limited to call recording. The popular call recording tools are broadly classified into:

  • Tools for personal use
  • Tools for business use

If you are using a PBX at office then there are several business call recording tools integrated with the VoIP telephone system and you can keep the recorded file in your company’s secured server or use the cloud storage facility offered by major VoIP service providers.

Record a live phone conversation to your voicemail– keep it for future reference or forward it to others.

Toshiba Strata CIX IP Communication Systems Family

Detect VoIP Hacking

VoIP is popular, and its popularity attracts the wrong doers in drives. VoIP hacking is used to steal your contact details, steal some call time, and to misuse your connection from making international and long distance calls at your expense.  Read on to detect VoIP hacking and how to protect yourself.

Voice over Internet protocol or VoIP has offered a numerous advantages to both small scale and large business enterprises. With this communication system, it has become easier for organizations to communicate with their employees, partners and clients all over the world. This system has made business communication more effective and faster. Irrespective of your location, you and your business can take advantage of this system. It allows you to have efficient and dependable business communication.

Although VoIP services are useful for any business, if not installed properly, they do become vulnerable to mischief. Improper VoIP implementation will lead to problems that may make your business suffer. VoIP hacking is used hackers to mess with your connection and business. They are creative in defining new ways with which they can increase your costs and steal data, and steal your contact lists. After you install a VoIP system, it’s your responsibility to check whether your system protected or you are a victim of VoIP hacking.

Let us understand what VoIP hacking is and how to identify it.

Getting Fake Anti-Virus Messages

Being an IP based system, VoIP uses the Internet for completing its regular operations. Whether you are doing a voice communication or video conference, you will need data. If you or your employees suddenly start getting fake anti-virus messages, there are high chances that your system is hacked! Inform your technical team immediately to check the system. You cannot do much more that stop using the system and wait for a green signal from the technical team. They will trace the source of such messages and build some protection against it. Next time you get a fake anti-virus message beware.

Trace Irregularities In Voip Call-History

It is true that you cannot monitor all calls. You are not the only person who is using VoIP system in you organization. Thus, implementation of an effective call monitoring model may not be possible. However, if you check your VoIP call history at regular intervals you may find that there are some irregularities. One way to check is limiting the calls to certain geographical boundaries. If you find numbers that are unknown to you or your employees, it’s time to take action. You can start looking for other signs that shows that your system is hacked.

Activation Of Webcams Or Microphones

While video conferencing through your VoIP system you need webcams and microphones. It is indeed an excellent feature that allows you to communicate with employees and business associates easily. However, the threat comes when you find that webcams or microphones are activated without your knowledge. Every system should ideally seek the user’s permission and then activate these devices. Thus, beware and inform your technical team and VoIP service provider if you encounter any such anomaly.

Internet Searches Are Redirected

Another sign that shows that your system is attacked by hacker! While you are conducting regular searches online and you are redirected to new sites unknown to you, chances are high that your system is being hacked. Many times you may find unwanted toolbars and extensions to your browsers. They also point to the fact that your system is hacked. Get in touch with your VoIP service provider soon to get rid of unwanted stuff.

VoIP Bills Shoot Up Without Reason

Why will a hacker hack your system? Obviously to misuse it for himself. Thus, if you find your VoIP bill is much higher than regular bills you should start taking immediate action. Inform your system admin and finance to do a system and usage audit. Also seek clarification from the VoIP provider on the details of such bill. If you take action quickly you can control the damage.

Irrespective of the size of your business, it is not a pleasant experience to be taken for ride. This is more important for small and medium business where every penny count. It is good to be aware of where you are susceptible and build a protective mechanism.

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