About Conferencing

Modern age businesses are trying new and innovative methods of conducting business and in their effort to be more customer-friendly, companies are adopting new technologies as well. Communication among employees too has experienced a sea change as companies are putting more emphasis on adopting efficient and effective communication technologies. Due to the growing global nature of businesses and the use of internet and social media, even the smaller businesses are able to expand their business horizons. Companies are encouraging the use of mobile workforce where employees are able to work from remote sites. In order to accommodate the new work culture companies are turning to latest communication technologies like VoIP, Video Conferencing and mobile devices.

Video conferencing has witnessed immense growth in the recent years as one of the trusted technologies for conducting meetings and conferences. There are some real good reasons behind the increasing popularity of video conferencing and here is a list of some of the most obvious ones:

Cuts down frequent travels

Whenever companies conduct businesses outside their city, state or country, executives have to travel for even 1 hr meetings. Now, organizations that want to avoid travels have to rely on their associates or partners in that particular region. Video conferencing solutions can help companies cut down on travel costs by facilitating seamless virtual meetings and conferences. Companies are able to make huge savings as the frequency of travels is cut down substantially.

Easily accommodate the shift in Employee Behavior

There is a shift in employee behaviour from what it used to be even two decades back. Employees prefer to work from their preferred location at their own convenient time, so companies have to make adjustments to accommodate this shift in employee behaviour. Organizations are walking the extra mile to retain their employees and this includes the use of latest communication technologies like video conferencing to meet their demands. The use of video conferencing facilitates efficient communication without even coming to the office.

Eliminates communication gaps often not resolved by phone calls

Surveys among employees and research studies have revealed that phone calls are not able to bridge all types of communication gaps. Not every issue is resolved over the phone and in such a scenario video conferencing proves to be immensely effective. Video conferencing is extremely effective because participants are able to see each other and read facial expressions, which in turn helps them to understand each other in a better way.

Join multiple parties on a single phone conversation for greater efficiency.