Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

Why Should Businesses Adopt VoIP Phone Systems?

In order to grow, businesses have to tap into new markets to increase their customer base. It is imperative to maintain an impeccable communication system. An efficient communication system allows a business to not only maintain seamless connectivity with customers and employees, it also lowers their telephone bills. VoIP is a new technology that businesses across the world are banking upon to solve all their communication woes and, at the same time, bring down their monthly telephone expenses.

Small businesses in particular should consider the latest communication systems like a Hosted VoIP business phone system in order to stay ahead of competition. The Voice over Internet Protocol is perfect for small, medium and large businesses. Not only is it easy to subscribe to VoIP services, it is also easy to scale the packages up or down depending on your usage. VoIP uses the Internet to transmit voice signals in the form of data packets over a secured network. It is not only a secure form of communication for the companies but also a very reliable and efficient solution.

Let us understand why VoIP suits businesses and adopting VoIP phone systems is the logical way to building a robust communication system:

• VoIP helps to serve customers better:

Pleasing customers is vital for all businesses and is even more important for small businesses that want to survive stiff competition in the market. It not only helps businesses acquire new clients but also retain the old ones by providing better services. VoIP has several features like automated call routing, call holding, IVR etc., which helps companies attend to all customer calls and queries on a priority basis. No customer calls are missed and customers get a feeling that the company cares for them, so they are more likely to return with more business.

• VoIP helps to make business processes efficient:

Businesses have started to realize the importance of staying connected to customers as well as employees – this is easily achieved by implementing VoIP. VoIP lets the users log in from anywhere; even when they are not sitting at their desk. Thus important voicemails, messages and other communications are never missed. Important issues can be easily solved by getting in touch with the respective department or executive. All this eventually helps in better decision making.

• Bringing down costs:

This is probably the biggest advantage that businesses enjoy by migrating to VoIP. The telephone bills footed by many companies run up to thousands of dollars a month when they are using the old PSTN telephones. This is never the case with VoIP. The only costs that the customer bears is the charge for the Internet connection within a stipulated FUP. Since VoIP communications can be initiated with just an Internet connection and some basic hardware, the high installation costs are avoided too. Companies do not have to pay any upfront bills for installation and maintenance, so this translates into heavy savings.

Companies that need to make overseas calls on a frequent basis can take advantage of VoIP. If the other party is also on a digital circuit, there are no additional costs for international calls. If the other party is on mobile or land lines, you can use SIP trunking with fixed rates to call anyone, anywhere.

Thus, we get to see that VoIP is the most practical option available to business owners if they truly want to establish a seamless communication service for their company.

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On-Premise vs Hosted Phone Systems

Modern VoIP business phone system come in two major flavours. One is an on-premise IP-PBX, and the other is hosted, or cloud based solution.

If you are looking at new options for upgrading your telephone system in your office, it is a good idea to take a look at the hosted PBX systems. We are aware that local, on-site telephone systems are something that everyone is quite familiar and comfortable with. However, hosted PBX systems are the latest trend in the market, and it has several advantages. If you are looking at options to replace the old telephone system at your office, then it is important to weigh all the options.

Some businesses have compulsions to have on-premise IP-PBX. Keeping track of calls, keeping tight control on call costs, privacy, and a number of other factors contribute to this requirement.

There are certain facts that distinguish on-premise phone systems from hosted PBX phone lines.

On-Premise Business Phone System:

The biggest difference in an on-premise phone system is the greater upfront costs. An estimate is approximately $500-$800 per employee which includes all expenses such as individual handsets, the main IP-PBX hardware, cabling/wiring which is mandatory to operate the system. Many newer phone systems are considered to be a hybrid as they are capable of handling both IP as well as PSTN circuits.

Another factor to consider is the maintenance of an on-premise phone system.  Maintenance has to be done regularly, so there may be a need for a network and/or technical engineer.

If you are using a hybrid system, there are additional monthly costs for the use of PSTN trunk lines. The telephone service company then adds taxes, surcharges, and additional fees.  These charges add up and can really become excessive.

Hosted PBX Service:

A hosted phone system is basically a cloud-based solution. A service provider hosts all the hardware needed in a data center, and gives you connectivity through the internet.

First, there is no need to purchase or install an IP-PBX. You only have to buy the number of IP phones you need.  All the hardware is installed in an alternate off-site data center. There is no other cabling or wiring cost because the IP phones are simply connected to your existing computer network which is connected to the Internet.

Second, since there is less hardware to maintain, monthly maintenance costs are reduced. The user simply picks up the phone, plugs it into an Ethernet jack, and the rest of the work including registration of the phone is done by the hosted IP-PBX server.

Service providers offer very attractive rates for hosted VoIP business phones. For example, Toshiba hosted phone service is available for as low as 24.99 per month.

Take a look at your requirements, and choose the best VoIP phone system ideally suited for you needs.

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Improving VoIP Voice Quality

VoIP is the new technology in telephone service which uses the Internet. This is a great way to be in touch with family and colleagues, irrespective of their location. VoIP does not distinguish between national, international and, local calls as it uses the data network. This emerging service helps business owners stay in touch with their clients, employees and others. VoIP has its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages.

Since VoIP is a relatively new technology, call quality can be a concern at locations where Internet connections are slow. The calls are more often rife with many issues like unclear sound, echoes, jitters etc. VoIP depends on the Internet and it requires genuine bandwidth or speed to function without any issues. Given below is a list of tips that can help you overcome the problems that can mar the overall experience of using VoIP technology:

  • The first and foremost countermeasure is to have a fast Internet connection. Opting for a VoIP based on a dial up connection is not a meaningful way to use VoIP as it will have poor audio quality. DSL connections do not help either, so the first need for a high quality VoIP call is a high quality Internet. Look at broadband options where you can allocate a minimum bandwidth for VoIP calls.
  • The next problem is interference from natural elements. Natural elements like rain, thunderstorms, snowfall and other factors can affect VoIP calls and increase static noise. In those circumstances, the only option left is to reboot the entire system to remove static noise. A more permanent solution is to have a connection that is immune to the vagaries of nature. Your service provider needs to change the cables with some high quality cables to reduce static noise. Inside your premises, protect you wiring and make sure they are not close to electrical wiring.
  • VoIP works by transmitting voice-turned-data packets over the Internet. In this process, software compresses large data into a smaller size for transmission. Low quality compression software can lower the quality of voice that is being transmitted. Make sure that a high quality voice compression software is used.
  • Hardware can be another reason for bad audio quality. The hardware is directly responsible for the transmission of data through the Internet. The most important piece in the system is the ATA or Router. ATAs have support for echo cancellation, security firewall, etc. There are several instances where the equipment used in the system can interfere with each other to create feedback resulting in noises and call drops. Therefore, it is mandatory to place the hardware and the equipment for the system in such a way that there is no interference.
  • There are many things that can affect the VoIP call quality. So regular maintenance of the computer is vital. There should be enough memory for the high quality microphones and speakers.   This will secure the quality of VoIP calls.
  • The sort of phone as well as the frequency can also affect the class of one’s VoIP. A lot of people have the belief that the higher a phone’s frequency is, the better the excellence of VoIP. However, in some cases, a lower frequency phone may be more suitable for one’s connection than ones with higher frequency. It may be desirable to attempt a phone with a lower frequency if someone is experiencing a lot of audio feedback.

The above tips would help to improve the quality of the audio in VoIP, and it will ensure high performance of communication one needs to run a business conversation effectively.

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Benefits of Unified Communications

Unification is the buzz word for UC. It combines business data and telephony in the same network and allows businesses to use and combine voice and data information in a common business application. One can save and forward faxes, instant messages, emails, use video conferencing or do voice phone calls as just a simple chunk of data. Above all UC can encrypt the data. Thus when your data floats on the web, there are no chances of it being intercepted by the wrong person.

Unifed CommunicationsThe advantages of Unified Communication go beyond this and can be experienced when an employee uses a single phone number or handset and an inbox, which is unified for all their communications. It is different from other standard systems which are server-based and use digital networks and IP. Here are some of the applications and their benefits.

Advanced Telephony

If your business is spread over multiple geographical locations, your employees can communicate directly with each other by using UC. Unlike with a normal PSTN system, they don’t even have to remember the area code. You can also offer advanced call forwarding to various devices. With hunt groups, the incoming calls may search for an idle extension. Regardless of the location, UC can offer ringing of multiple devices like mobile phone, desk phone and desktop simultaneously. Thus, as a phone user you are benefitted by having a single number for all your devices.

Users also benefit from UC by only having a single unified voicemail box to check messages. These messages can also be sent to your email inbox for more convenience.

Cheaper calls and simplified billing

UC offers lower cost calling than the traditional telephony as it is mainly based on a digital network. As the voice and videos are carried as data over the various networks, businesses receive the benefit of reducing their phone bills by using this unified system in their organizations.

With it, the billing system can be simplified and even system administration becomes much easier. And combining the disparate services through a single vendor also reduces the total cost of conferencing. With UC, businesses can get predictable bills and thus can estimate their monthly costs.

Presence and knowing when you can take a call

With UC, businesses get Presence technology which allows different business associates and colleagues to find out who is available online and whether they can be contacted or not. Just as one sees the status of their friends in social networks, the presence of one individual is indicated if they are available either on their home phone, mobile or desk phone. The users can also state whether they are driving or are in a meeting and are allowed to put a comment about their status.

Another way presence is beneficial is that with it, an employee can easily locate an expert on a specific issue and get connected to them easily with UC. For example, if there is a problem of any critical technological aspect, one can get to the expert and get the solution. In such situations the communication starts with a simple SMS or instant messaging, and then they may be escalated all the way up to video conferencing if required.

Unified Communications and Contact Management

Last but not the least, contact management integration can be easily done with UC; hence, employees can easily access a single phone book for all business contacts, throughout the organization and across the globe.

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5 Important VoIP System Features For Your Business

As technology advances, so does the technology of VoIP over traditional PSTN. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has advantages over Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) as it can be more cost efficient and offers many more features. It offers more advanced calling options and at a reasonable cost, less costly than PSTN. When a stable VoIP system is implemented, it enables users to move a step forward towards Unified Communication. Here are 5 important features of that are useful for any business.

1. Auto Attendant

With this feature the user is allowed to access a menu through which he can easily choose a desirable extension. Automated attendant is like a virtual assistant, which performs the job of a telephone operator. When someone calls, the auto attendant answers the call and guides the caller through a variety of options like business hours, directions, departments, extensions or any pre-recorded messages. With an auto attendant, small organizations can appear to be a large enterprise. An auto attendant is programmable and works 24/7.

2. Voicemail / Call Forwarding

Commonly known as ‘find-me follow-me’ in VoIP services, you can set a number of IP addresses to forward your incoming calls. Users are allowed to route several numbers so that their clients are able to reach them when they want. This is possible with Presence software which allows the important calls to reach the person whom they need, irrespective of the time and date. This is useful for users who have overseas workers too, as calls can be routed to them easily. A caller may also leave a voicemail if they are unable to reach you through call forwarding. Thus, important messages are always accessible to you and your colleagues.

3. Call Recording

In a PSTN network, you need to install special devices for recording calls. Since VoIP uses a computer network, all calls can be easily recorded. These calls can be saved or forwarded as necessary. It is important to understand that recording calls without the permission of the other party may be illegal in some states. It is best practice, to request permission to record a phone conversation. However, some states (i.e. – Louisiana) are a one-party recording state which means that only one party in the conversation needs to know the call is being recorded. So, it’s perfectly fine to record a phone call you are on.

4. DND

Do Not Disturb or DND gives you privacy when needed. It leaves you undisturbed by any calls. Once you turn it on, you can easily stop incoming calls to your number. When you are attending any conferences, seminars or meetings you can easily stop unwanted calls from disturbing you. And not only that, it allows you to program the VoIP system in a way that, while you are ignoring the call, you can forward the caller to a voice mail or any other destination so that you may get the information once you are done with your meeting. It is always good idea to tell the caller why you are not able to answer the call. This can be programmed.

5. Conference Calling

When one is using PSTN, you may have to bear some extra charges for conference calls. In VoIP, conference calling is built into the system. You can start a call and simply rope in your colleagues and others into the call. Of course, the system can be programmed to allow conferencing for certain extensions, or even the number of participants that can attend a conference all. These are for security reasons.

These are just some basic features that VoIP provides its users. Apart from these, some other features available are Voicemail to email transcription, call screening, music on hold, and coaching tools like barge and whisper.

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Why we use VoIP, and you should, too!

From small businesses to large corporate houses, everyone seems to have come under the spell of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. If you too have a strong urge to dump your PSTN phones and migrate to the latest VoIP system, it is time to learn about some of the features that it offers. This is just an attempt to make you feel more confident about your choice and at the same time outline the immense power of VoIP technology:

Voicemail to Email transcription

This is probably an extension of the digital PSTN phones that we got in the early 80s – voicemail became a part of the phones. Since then voicemail had become an important part of our lives. From business communication to personal messages – it has become a way of life. With the advancement in technology, now the voicemail can be attached to our email as audio files. This is a significant improvement as it allows all our important voicemails to be converted into email transcriptions that can be accessed at our convenience. We also get to enjoy another big advantage – no messages can now be missed as the storage of voicemails as audio files can be accessed at any point in time.

Music on Hold

Music on hold is another significant feature offered by the latest VoIP systems. This feature will help us to create a professional image in front of our clients. We get the opportunity to professionally keep our callers waiting till someone from the authorized department attends the call. Often callers tend to get restless when they are kept on hold but if the waiting time can be filled with some soothing music or some interesting information about the company then the wait might not be so boring. It is very important that the callers (rather the customers) are made to feel special and music on hold is just another way to achieve that goal.


Conferencing feature offered by VoIP has been taken to another level where the advanced technology is helping people located in the most remote location of the world to take part in virtual meetings. Small business owners are using this future to the fullest as they are able to log in from a variety of devices and take part in vital meetings of companies and government agencies. Some of the most advanced conferencing solutions have been integrated by the VoIP service providers to pep up their service bouquet.

Unified Communication

UC or Unified communication is the most intelligent way of integrating all the communication tools and channels on a single platform. Unified communication allows multiple communication devices to be linked to the same VoIP network. The single platform allows easy management of all the communication channels and keeps them all in sync with one another. The administrator or owner can keep a tab on the calls being made from the system and can even limit the number of calls for a user. Unified communication has given a complete new management style for a variety of devices using a common VoIP network.

Cost cutting

People are finding VoIP to be an economic alternative to their old PSTN telephone systems. VoIP systems allow the owners cut down their operating costs and maintain profitability for the company. VoIP calls are cheaper than the calls made from traditional calls and this is true for even the international or overseas calls. Thus cheaper alternatives allow the company owners choose the VoIP above others.

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4 Simple Reasons To Choose IP-PBX

PBXs have existed for many decades and were considered to be a luxury as they were not affordable to the small business concerns. The special PBX feature that is applied to the VoIP system is known as IP-PBX and it is the acronym for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. PBX connects the telephone extensions of an organization to the outside mobile or public telephone network. It comprises of multiple telephone system branches and the connections are switched among them by linking the phone lines. Phones in a company are connected to the PBX, which in turn connected to the external line. Thus, one line can be leased and multiple users can use the phone line with individual phone numbers for every user. The format of the phone numbers does not follow the phone number format of the primary line. The PBX allows only a 3 or 4 digit number to be dialed for connecting to the users on the same network. The numbers are usually known as extension. A caller calling from outside the network asks for the extension for placing a call to the desired person.

The IP-PBX is an affordable technology which can be availed by even the smallest companies. The users will be able to avail the wide range of features at a fraction of the price. The installation of IP-PBX requires a little investment for the hardware as well as the software but the benefits and return on investment does complete justice to the expenditure.

The primary benefits offered by an IP-PBX are numerous features, scalability and manageability. Adding as well as removing a user from the telephone system can be a cumbersome task but with the IP PBX, it is breeze. The cost of adding or removing a user is negligible compared with the old PBX system.

1. Easy to Manage GUI based Configuration

Managing the latest IP-PBX is extremely easy as the GUI interface provides easy access to all the controls. You will be able to customize some of the features without too much technical understanding about the underlying technologies. It is also impressive to note the easy availability of all the management features on a single platform. Adding or deleting a user to and from the network is an easy task.

2. Cost saving using VoIP Provider

Since the IP-PBX uses the existing VoIP connection so the users are not required to buy additional hardware or software. All the essential hardware and software will be provided, maintained and upgraded by the VoIP service provider. Thus, users will be able to experience huge cost savings on the PBX system. This is really attractive for the small business owners who cannot afford the expensive PBX equipments. The smaller companies will be able to maintain a sophisticated and professional VoIP service.

3. Scalable

Small businesses and start-ups always prefer to work with systems that can be flexible enough to accommodate the growing demands of business communication. It is imperative that the PBX system too complies with this policy followed by the companies. The latest PBX systems are highly scalable and the number of communication lines being handled by the PBX can be easily increased or decreased depending on the growth rate of the company.

4. Better Customer Service & Productivity

Equipped with an efficient and effective PBX system, it will be easier for the companies to provide better customer service and register higher productivity. The employees of a company will be able to cater to the needs of the customers in an efficient manner, thus solving the customer issues without delay. Hence, a higher productivity can be easily registered by the company.

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Business Phones – New Shade of Communication

Business communication is an important tool that helps businesses beat competition and deliver best-in-class customer service. Most small businesses face problems with their communications as they neither have the budget nor the infrastructure to maintain an impeccable communication system. With the advent of the Internet, VoIP services have become an indispensable part of every organization that wants to leverage the powers of business communication. Businesses differ from each other in relation to their size, number of users and customer-base, thus need a customized communication system to cater to their specific needs. Universal ComOne LA can help.

Now, business telephones are used in conjunction with the VoIP telephony systems which provides all the advanced features offered by the latest communication technology. In this article, we will to take a look at some of these features included in our business telephone systems:

Voice Mail

Business phones come equipped with the voice mail feature that allows you to work more effectively. Consolidate your resources by having your caller’s messages automatically delivered to your e-mail in the form of a voice file. You will be able to receive text alerts every time there is a call that goes unattended. Thus, you can listen to your missed calls from nearly anywhere and never miss out on an important message from your client or customer.

Call Forwarding

This is another very important and helpful feature offered by the business telephones wherein you can forward your calls to a specific phone number while you are away from your desk. You can use a single number to forward all calls, or you can even forward specific calls to a particular number with the help of conditional call forwarding.

Music on Hold

It often happens that you are not able to provide an immediate solution to a caller and need him/her to wait so that you can find out the perfect solution. The waiting period can feel like ages, so instead of keeping the caller on hold, you can allow them to listen to soothing music. While on hold, the caller will not get frustrated because they are comforted by the music. Music on hold can be added to any business phone system. In addition to a musical background, you can also play a company related messages to advertise products or services.

Call Record

Business phones can record voice conversations at the press of a button. Thus, you can record important calls with your clients and customers. Even conference calls can be recorded for future reference.

Caller ID

Every time you receive a call, you will be able to see the name and the number of the person calling. Thus, you will be able to decide whether the call is important and needs immediate attention or can be handled at a later time.

Speed Dial

The speed dial feature of business phones can be used to call a business contact without dialling their complete number. You can store the name and other details of your important contacts on the phone and set a particular speed dial number – just press the number to place a call to the person.

Automated Attendant

The automated attendant can be programmed to greet every caller and then direct the caller to the appropriate department or concerned person. Your customers will feel wanted and cared for when they are greeted and then their calls are redirected.

Call Manager

Call Manager is a powerful feature that provides call control from your PC. Make and answer calls without ever picking up the telephone handset– simply click a button on your computer screen using your mouse. This feature allows you to type or copy/ paste telephone numbers for effortless dialling. This feature is completely customizable and can create more efficiencies for employees.

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Business VoIP – 5 Things to Consider For Setup

Businesses need to make optimum use of their resources to function smoothly and keep the operational costs in check. It is vital for small business owners or newly established businesses to focus on creating high quality products and services without overshooting their budget. If they fail to do so, challenges will occur when balancing the introductory costs and production costs. By choosing a VoIP telephone system, you can start reducing your production costs by cutting down on your communication bills.

VoIP is the latest in communication technology that has provided a paradigm shift to the world of business costs by introducing low cost communication systems. But, before you finalize the move to VoIP, it is imperative that you check 5 things that are considered to be really important:

Internet Connection

You need to determine whether your Internet connection can handle VoIP communication system or not. The Internet connection’s strength is the primary factor that determines the clarity of the VoIP calls. Your Internet connection needs to have the necessary bandwidth. You can ask your Internet service provider to find out the bandwidth of your connection. Weak Internet signals will result in poor voice quality and even call drops, so you may need to speak with your network administrator or your Internet service provider (ISP) to increase the bandwidth.


The calling needs of your company should be determined before switching to VoIP communication. Are the majority of your office calls international or local calls? Regardless of your calling habits, it is still best practice to keep a cell phone handy. During power outages, VoIP will stop functioning, so the cell phone will be useful in such situations. Disaster Recovery plans can be put in place to re-route your calls temporarily until power is restored. Universal ComOne can help you prepare for these type of situations.


Depending on the number of VoIP users in your office, you will have to choose between on-premise VoIP or cloud-based VoIP. If there are only 3 to 4 people who use VoIP then a cloud based VoIP will suffice. But, if you have more 20 users, it is better to opt for on-premise VoIP. A hosted VoIP option also allows small businesses the opportunity to expand without having to invest in equipment initially.


This is, in fact, the most important factor to consider when it comes to VoIP at the office. The initial expenses associated with installation and operating a business VoIP system can often vary, so you need to find out whether it is worth investing in. You will also have to decide whether you are ready to try new technologies like VoIP or not. New technology often means change, so there is no point in investing in VoIP if you want to remain in the dark ages and use an antiquated phone system until it dies.

Service Provider

The type of VoIP service that you get depends on your service provider, so you need to be really careful when choosing a provider that can meet all your business communication demands. Universal ComOne is that provider. Migrating to the latest VoIP system is nothing short of a revolution to your business. This small move will open the windows to a bigger world that not only offers many opportunities but is also well-networked.

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Universal ComOne offers award winning business telephone systems that are right for any business. We can design a solution to fit your needs. Call 337-205-9364 for all your communication needs.

What Makes VoIP Attractive for Business?

Business communication hugely affects the outcome of business operations and this is the sole reason majority of the enterprises put a lot of emphasis on maintaining an efficient business communication system. IP or VoIP telephony has penetrated the communication market in the last decade and is making inroads into the corporate houses that wants to avail the facilities offered by the latest communication technology. Quick recovery and greater flexibility are the two biggest USPs of VoIP telephone systems, which has immense significance in the business world. Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world have found a perfect communication partner in VOIP systems and they are lapping up the advanced telephony features being offered to them. Not only are advanced telephony features in the offing, even a range of multimedia features are also being provided by these VoIP systems.

The popularity of VoIP systems have largely been due to their extensive use by business houses. Even international travellers, home-based freelance workers, remote workers etc. have been using it on a regular basis. We will be taking a look at some of basic as well as advanced features offered by the VoIP systems and also analyze their role in the success of businesses.

Advantages offered by VoIP systems are as follows:

  • Low call rates
  • No additional costs for maintenance or upgrades
  • Free calls among the users in the same network
  • All the system changes and settings can be applied directly to the browser.
  • Users will be able to listen to the messages even while they are located far away from their base locations
  • Billing system is extremely flexible
  • Optimum system usage can be made even by the mobile offices
  • Customers as well as employees can be contacted any point in time

Advanced features are common to even the basic VoIP systems and users can subscribe to the services being provided by the leading telecommunication companies in the world. VoIP is known to be an intelligent technology where users can avail features like smart call routing. Skill-based call routing is another great feature that can enhance call handling intelligently by routing the calls to the workers who are equipped to handle particular kind of calls. The most attractive thing about VoIP is that it provides a gamut of advanced features at no extra cost, which are often charged highly by the other provides. One can take the three way calling feature, which can be availed for free if one has subscribed with the VoIP services whereas they would have to pay extra charges for the same feature when they are using a different telephony service.

Users can even use the feature like self-service to save both time as well as money. This feature allows the business owners to redirect some of the calls to specific IVRs or secure database related functions to answer the calls. Thus, handling large volume of calls becomes really easy for the business owners and agents will find it easy to manage the calls in a better manner. The callers will also not have to wait for getting response on their queries.

Some of the obvious benefits that users can derive from the use of VoIP systems are as follows:

Greater security – Data transmission by a VoIP system is carried over a highly secure VPN network that leads to enhanced data security. Data transmission on VoIP systems is similar to the transferring data over a private network.

Advanced telephony features – Numerous advanced telephony features can be availed for free by subscribing to the VoIP services. Business owners can use the advanced features to reduce latency and enhance the efficiency of business processes.

Low costs – VoIP systems offer low call rates and this is particularly advantageous for the callers who make overseas or long distance calls.

Universal ComOne offers highly functional and attractive IP and VoIP business phone systems. Whether it is on-premise or on the cloud, we have the perfect product and service combination available for you. Call us today!