Business VoIP – 5 Things to Consider For Setup

Businesses need to make optimum use of their resources to function smoothly and keep the operational costs in check. It is vital for small business owners or newly established businesses to focus on creating high quality products and services without overshooting their budget. If they fail to do so, challenges will occur when balancing the introductory costs and production costs. By choosing a VoIP telephone system, you can start reducing your production costs by cutting down on your communication bills.

VoIP is the latest in communication technology that has provided a paradigm shift to the world of business costs by introducing low cost communication systems. But, before you finalize the move to VoIP, it is imperative that you check 5 things that are considered to be really important:

Internet Connection

You need to determine whether your Internet connection can handle VoIP communication system or not. The Internet connection’s strength is the primary factor that determines the clarity of the VoIP calls. Your Internet connection needs to have the necessary bandwidth. You can ask your Internet service provider to find out the bandwidth of your connection. Weak Internet signals will result in poor voice quality and even call drops, so you may need to speak with your network administrator or your Internet service provider (ISP) to increase the bandwidth.


The calling needs of your company should be determined before switching to VoIP communication. Are the majority of your office calls international or local calls? Regardless of your calling habits, it is still best practice to keep a cell phone handy. During power outages, VoIP will stop functioning, so the cell phone will be useful in such situations. Disaster Recovery plans can be put in place to re-route your calls temporarily until power is restored. Universal ComOne can help you prepare for these type of situations.


Depending on the number of VoIP users in your office, you will have to choose between on-premise VoIP or cloud-based VoIP. If there are only 3 to 4 people who use VoIP then a cloud based VoIP will suffice. But, if you have more 20 users, it is better to opt for on-premise VoIP. A hosted VoIP option also allows small businesses the opportunity to expand without having to invest in equipment initially.


This is, in fact, the most important factor to consider when it comes to VoIP at the office. The initial expenses associated with installation and operating a business VoIP system can often vary, so you need to find out whether it is worth investing in. You will also have to decide whether you are ready to try new technologies like VoIP or not. New technology often means change, so there is no point in investing in VoIP if you want to remain in the dark ages and use an antiquated phone system until it dies.

Service Provider

The type of VoIP service that you get depends on your service provider, so you need to be really careful when choosing a provider that can meet all your business communication demands. Universal ComOne is that provider. Migrating to the latest VoIP system is nothing short of a revolution to your business. This small move will open the windows to a bigger world that not only offers many opportunities but is also well-networked.

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