Business Phones – New Shade of Communication

Business communication is an important tool that helps businesses beat competition and deliver best-in-class customer service. Most small businesses face problems with their communications as they neither have the budget nor the infrastructure to maintain an impeccable communication system. With the advent of the Internet, VoIP services have become an indispensable part of every organization that wants to leverage the powers of business communication. Businesses differ from each other in relation to their size, number of users and customer-base, thus need a customized communication system to cater to their specific needs. Universal ComOne LA can help.

Now, business telephones are used in conjunction with the VoIP telephony systems which provides all the advanced features offered by the latest communication technology. In this article, we will to take a look at some of these features included in our business telephone systems:

Voice Mail

Business phones come equipped with the voice mail feature that allows you to work more effectively. Consolidate your resources by having your caller’s messages automatically delivered to your e-mail in the form of a voice file. You will be able to receive text alerts every time there is a call that goes unattended. Thus, you can listen to your missed calls from nearly anywhere and never miss out on an important message from your client or customer.

Call Forwarding

This is another very important and helpful feature offered by the business telephones wherein you can forward your calls to a specific phone number while you are away from your desk. You can use a single number to forward all calls, or you can even forward specific calls to a particular number with the help of conditional call forwarding.

Music on Hold

It often happens that you are not able to provide an immediate solution to a caller and need him/her to wait so that you can find out the perfect solution. The waiting period can feel like ages, so instead of keeping the caller on hold, you can allow them to listen to soothing music. While on hold, the caller will not get frustrated because they are comforted by the music. Music on hold can be added to any business phone system. In addition to a musical background, you can also play a company related messages to advertise products or services.

Call Record

Business phones can record voice conversations at the press of a button. Thus, you can record important calls with your clients and customers. Even conference calls can be recorded for future reference.

Caller ID

Every time you receive a call, you will be able to see the name and the number of the person calling. Thus, you will be able to decide whether the call is important and needs immediate attention or can be handled at a later time.

Speed Dial

The speed dial feature of business phones can be used to call a business contact without dialling their complete number. You can store the name and other details of your important contacts on the phone and set a particular speed dial number – just press the number to place a call to the person.

Automated Attendant

The automated attendant can be programmed to greet every caller and then direct the caller to the appropriate department or concerned person. Your customers will feel wanted and cared for when they are greeted and then their calls are redirected.

Call Manager

Call Manager is a powerful feature that provides call control from your PC. Make and answer calls without ever picking up the telephone handset– simply click a button on your computer screen using your mouse. This feature allows you to type or copy/ paste telephone numbers for effortless dialling. This feature is completely customizable and can create more efficiencies for employees.

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