The Cloud-Based Telephone Solution That’s Revolutionizing Louisiana Businesses

Speed and dependability are the beacons of business communication. What’s faster than a
cloud-based telephone system? LineOne provides instant access to Fortune 500
communication features for all Louisiana businesses. It also achieves dependability with
unlimited support and upgrades. No matter what your needs are, no matter when you need
them, GreenSky offers a unique solution for Louisiana business owners looking to upgrade their
phone systems.

Why Choose LineOne as Your Cloud-Based Telephone

If you are looking to upgrade your phone system, there are four factors you should consider.
Reflecting on the purpose of your phone system, you need it to stay connected internally and
with your customers at all times. In order to do this effectively and efficiently, you need a
versatile system that can handle all of your needs, no matter what the scenario.


Ever heard the phrase, ‘Anytime, anywhere’, and thought to yourself, “That would be great for
my business communications, but how do I make it happen?” That’s exactly what you will get
with this cloud-based telephone system. LineOne can connect to your employees’ cell
phones, tablets and laptops, for complete connectivity anytime, anywhere.


From being able to reach your team on the other end of your building, or on the other end of the
globe, to a plethora of dynamic features, LineOne has the versatility to keep you up to pace
in the most competitive of business environments. Get the call management features you need
to give your customers an experience that’s always worth 5 stars.


Bring in all of your communication needs into one system. Get a direct line for all of your users.
Send your voicemails directly to email. LineOne is a complete telephone service that is
extremely user-friendly and efficient for businesses that are looking to simplify their process,
without compromising the necessary features your business needs to thrive in the Louisiana

You can also create unity within your company by staying connected internally. LineOne
offers direct messaging for quick internal communication, regardless of physical boundaries.
Reach your mobile employees in an instant or get a quick answer from a coworker on a different
floor. Direct messaging keeps your team engaged and able to stay on task by avoiding
distracting trips from desk to desk.


Upgrade your system at any time or even downscale at any time. LineOne offers unlimited
programming changes and best of all, a pay as you grow structure that is ideal for Louisiana
businesses of all sizes and potential. LineOne can take you all the way from startup to
industry leader and has all the features you’ll need along the way.

If you are looking for an affordable cloud-based telephone system, look no further. Contact the
experts at Universal ComOne to schedule your system install today.

VoIP 101: A Simple Guide to VoIP

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is by no means new. In fact, many providers have been offering this service for years. However, as high-speed internet has become more readily available, VoIP has become a popular way for businesses to communicate with their employees and customers affordably and efficiently. Here, we will provide a basic guide to what VoIP is and how it can benefit your business.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a way to take analog audio signals and turn them into digital signals to be sent over the Internet. To put it more simply, VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. While the current phone system uses an inefficient method to connect calls and maintain a continuous connection, VoIP is much more efficient.

The VoIP phone system uses a method called Packet-Switching, which is the same method you use when looking at a website. For instance, when you read this blog page, your computer is not maintaining a constant connection to the site. Instead, it is making connections as needed to send and receive information, such as when you navigate to another page or click on a link. This means that when you use VoIP services to make a phone call, your call is sent in packets along the least expensive and congested lines available, allowing for more affordable and efficient calling.

Advantages of VoIP for Business

VoIP can offer many advantages for businesses who want to improve communication between employees or connect with their customers in an affordable and efficient format. Here are just some of the benefits that VoIP can provide businesses:

  • VoIP can save companies money. Businesses can save money on long-distance calling and calls that are made on a WAN between intra-office individuals in different locations. Businesses can also save money by keeping their data and voice traffic all on one network, rather than paying for separate data and voice lines.
  • VoIP also increases flexibility and mobility. VoIP allows businesses to integrate programs like video conferencing and email over the internet via telephone. This means that users can speak to others on the phone while still being able to access other applications at the same time. What’s more is that individuals who are on the move can take their adapters anywhere and use their VoIP services at any venue with an Internet connection.
  • VoIP can also increase an organization’s productivity. There are many ways that VoIP services can help a company increase overall productivity across the organization. With VoIP, employees can more easily multi-task without interruption. They can also attach documents and share data through video conferences. In addition, the money that businesses save by using VoIP services, allows companies to allocate the saved funds to other areas of the business that may help boost overall productivity.

Are you interested in learning more about how VoIP can help your business? Contact us today for more information.

A Cloud Phone is Considered Wise. Why?

Cloud technology including cloud phone has turned out to be a fascinating field. More and more companies are switching to various cloud services, including cloud telephones. Cloud is all about storing information and at the same time running applications that can be accessed through the internet. Data on the cloud is stored in huge servers that are provided by big cloud technology companies.

Why is there such a growing buzz about cloud computing and cloud phone services? Critics of this popular technology might point to various drawbacks. However, the advantages and benefits offered by cloud phone surely outweigh the disadvantages. In this article we are going to look at this technology from the perspective of the cloud phone services. Let’s see why choosing the cloud solution is considered wise:

Cloud Phone Offers Unbelievable Cost Savings

Companies always lookout for technologies and ways that can help them save money. Cloud phones help them do that without having to scale down their operations. Companies do not need to invest in hardware and software, yet they get access to the most advanced phone systems.

No upfront investments are needed. Organizations can use their dedicated IT staff elsewhere. Cloud phone service providing companies take care of maintenance and services.. This results in huge cost savings and better profit figures for the company. You need to pay only a monthly subscription fee based on the number of users or phone lines. This brings down costs by quite a few hundred dollars every month.

No Shortage of Storage Space

Some companies like to store voice calls and recorded data for later. This can be done very easily when using cloud phones. The cloud telephony services offer a huge amount of space, which can be increased or decreased based on the usage. Thus, organizations do not need to invest in servers or other hardware when they need more storage. Subscribing for higher storage can be done within minutes and often with just the click of a button!

Push for Automation

Cloud phone services will certainly give a boost to the automation drive in your company. The cloud service providing company automatically take care of software and upgrades. Cloud telephone systems are intelligent and keep track of your usage. The systems provide flexibility when you need more calls and features. On the other hand, when you need less usage of cloud resources, you can easily scale back and save money.

Super Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, nothing can beat cloud telephony. You pay as you go and need not spend even an extra penny on resources or features you don’t need. You can also scale up and add more phone lines the moment your operational needs go up.

Better Mobility

You can log in and use your cloud phone services from anywhere you please. You will only need an internet connection to get started. Stay in touch with your employees and colleagues anytime and from anywhere around the world.

Cloud phone service providing companies use data encryption, division and various other security measures to protect your company’s data in the cloud. However, as a user, you too need to safeguard your equipment like PC’s and the office network by implementing stringent security checks. Cloud phones will ultimately prove to be a great solution for your company.

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Toshiba Strata CIX IP Communication Systems Family

Attention VIPedge Customers! New Music-On-Hold!

Have you downloaded Toshiba’s UCedge app?

Let your smartphone and/or tablet also be your extension on your Toshiba business phone system. The best part is, you no longer have to give clients your cell phone number; you can protect your private mobile number by displaying only the office number in Caller ID. Stay connected wherever your work takes you.

Work Smart. Anywhere.

  • Take/ make office calls
  • Transfer calls within phone system
  • Instant message (IM) co-workers
  • Keep cell phone number private
  • Check office voicemail
  • View call history
  • See when employees are on phone

Start Taking Advantage

  • For Android: Go to Google Play™ Store under apps and search UCedge.
  • For iPhone: Go to the iTunes® app store and search UCedge.


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Once you download the app, view our Step-By-Step Setup Guide.


How Cloud Computing Increases Your Business Efficiency

How Cloud Computing Increases Your Business Efficiency

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The Severity of PBX Hacking – How to Protect Yourself

Modern day businesses believe in maintaining the latest communication systems for their enterprise communications. Not only does it help to maintain a seamless communication both within the company as well as outside, it also enhances the prospects of beating the cut-throat competition in the market. The latest communication systems like VoIP and cloud telephony are known to provide a huge boost to the productivity of an organization and at the same time enhance the profit figures.

Of late there has been a lot of talk about cloud telephony or VoIP and how they are better than on-premise IP-PBX systems. PBX systems have been around for more than three decades. The technology used has moved from analog to digital, but the basic idea remains the same. It has always been the safest bet for companies that wanted to have complete control over their enterprise communication. However, recently it has been revealed that PBX has accounted for huge loses as they were wrongfully used by miscreants or hackers. The affected organizations had to pay up $4.4 million in extra telephone bills in the year 2013 as their PBX systems were hacked.

Now, this is a serious crime and looking at the colossal figures, one can only wonder why no one is taking note of it and formulating strategies to secure their PBX systems. Companies are busy with managing their business and not every organization has a dedicated IT team to take care of the security needs of their communication system. In such a scenario, businesses often end up paying hefty phone bills even when they have not made expensive calls.

How do companies get a handle on their vulnerable communication systems and stop hackers?

Prior to learning about the ways to stop hackers, we need to first understand what PBX hacking is all about.

PBX hacking is an illegal practice whereby an unauthorized individual can access the system by using means that include the voicemail, maintenance port of the PBX system and the direct inward system access or DISA feature of PBX systems. Hackers can even impersonate an employee of an organization and gain access to the system.

Some of the common methods used by hackers is using the auto-diallers for scanning a system that has modems and even infiltrating the system when passwords are left unchanged by users. It is very important that every user changes their passwords at regular intervals. It is also recommended that users create complex passwords by using alphanumeric combinations. It has often been observed that owners and users keep their default passwords unchanged – this can make your PBX system a sitting duck for hackers.

Some useful tips that can help you to keep PBX fraud at bay:

  • Monitor the calls made from your phone system and try to find out about the calls made after office hours. The majority of hackers prefer to hack and make calls after business hours as it helps them to operate without any worries.
  • If the official mailbox of the system is left unused then you should get it blocked or deleted. Even the unallocated mailboxes can be used by the hackers, so change the default pins.
  • Unused services should either be restricted or completely stopped as those can serve as easy entry points for hackers.
  • Calls made to international numbers should have restricted access.
  • You should ensure that all the default passwords for the system are changed after acquiring a system.
  • Keep a tab on the calls that are made from the PBX system of your office.
  • The physical location of your system should be secured.

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Toshiba Releases UCedge!

One of the hindrances of using a business phone system is the wide variety of end devices you may need to use. For example, you will use an IP or Digital phone to make a call. At the same time, if you want to access a data file, you may need to use a computer. But what if all these can be combined to a single end device, and at the same time, give you mobility and flexibility? That is exactly what UCedge does.

Designed to work with VIPedge, IPEdge, and Strata CIX, UCedge has an application that you can download and install on your Windows or Mac laptop, any tablet and your Apple or Android smartphone. Once the application is installed, UCedge can federate multiple networks and give you access to all the features on the server.

For more details on the product release, click here.

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Universal ComOne offers award winning business telephone systems that are right for any business. We can design a solution to fit your needs.

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Cloud Telephony: Do You Really Need It?

Everyone jumping onto the cloud telephony bandwagon does not imply that companies having dedicated IT departments are doing so without much deliberations. In fact, if you are a CTO or a business owner trying to determine whether to move to the cloud or not then you will certainly try to find out whether it is worth the time and money. You will need to analyze and understand various factors associated with cloud telephony prior to deciding on your move. Over the last few years, cloud telephony has gained immense popularity, both among the general users as well as the business leaders. Cloud computing has a huge presence in our lives and we are using a variety of cloud based applications and tools.

Even after all this, business organizations are still apprehensive about the cloud telephony concept because they do not want to lose business due to faulty communication services. Does this imply that cloud telephony, as predicted by all technical experts, is really not going to take off with the enterprises?  Well, it would be too early to predict the future of communication services that use the cloud.

In this article we are in fact going to understand the advantages of cloud telephony and find out why you really need it. The biggest advantages of cloud telephony are:

  • Efficient and effective call routing – Call routing in cloud telephony system is really easy and you will be able to route the incoming calls according to your business preferences. The customers will be able to call a single number as you will be able to set one number for your departments or company executives. Effectively every customer’s call can he handled by an efficient IVR. The best thing about call routing is that the agents or executives attending a customer’s call can be located anywhere across the world.
  • Customizing the calls – Incoming calls can be customized and routed accordingly. The call data of all the customers are analyzed and then automated call routing system in the cloud telephony application can be set to handle or route the calls accordingly. The calling history of each caller is a goldmine of information that can be used to analyze calling and buying pattern of the customers.
  • ERP integration – The cloud telephony system at your office can be integrated with the existing ERP system. Thus, real time data sharing will make it easier for the agents or executives while providing solutions or making sales pitches to the callers. With just a click of the mouse, you will be able to gain access to buying patterns and various other data related to the caller. Promotional calls can be scheduled accordingly and even your marketing campaigns can be tuned to meet the customer expectations.
  • Complete support to the marketing campaigns as well as surveys – The cloud telephony comes with the advanced calling software that makes it easier to schedule marketing campaigns and surveys. Contests and market surveys too can be carried out with the help of this advanced calling software. Conversations can be recorded and this can help to complete the polls and surveys quickly.

It might be a little too early to predict the future of cloud telephony but as of now it seems to have an edge over the other communication systems. Numerous companies are migrating to cloud telephony and it seems pretty logical because of the advantages being offered by the technology. It can be safely said that cloud telephony is here to stay!

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Universal ComOne offers award winning business telephone systems that are right for any business. We can design a solution to fit your needs.

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