Just out the Recording Studio!

If you are tired of the same, old Classical music-on-hold that came as a default on your Toshiba VIPedge system, we now offer a more pleasant sounding alternative.

We now offer basic-on-hold messages for your VIPedge phone system for $5/ month. This offer is available to VIPedge customers only. The $5 monthly charge will be added to your Toshiba VIPedge bill. Generic, “Thank you for holding…” messages are included on each music-on-hold file to serve any business.

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Click Below to Listen to the Default On-Hold Music

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Click Below to Listen to Newly Available On-Hold Music WITH MESSAGES

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listen-icon (Sample 3)

Here’s how to get started…

Just select the type of background music you want (either: Jazz, Country/ Acoustic, Light Rock, Contemporary).

We will upload a series of scripts to your phone system for callers to enjoy.

Then, at Christmastime, we will change out your on-hold scripts to play festive music with a holiday greeting. After the holidays, we will change the scripts back to your desired music selection.

Contact us if you are interested.


Also available upon request: Customize your own Message On Hold Scripts for a more personal touch. This allows you to advertise directly to customers who are placed on hold.

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