Call Manager – a PC Application

This powerful feature provides call control from your PC without ever picking up the telephone system – simply by using your mouse.
Call Manager

  • Customize: Each user has the ability to customize their control buttons for quick dialing (i.e. – speed dial numbers, one-touch extensions keys).
  • Outbound Calling: Copy and paste the telephone number from other programs into the Call Manager dial window. You can also include letters in the telephone number; Call Manager will automatically convert the letters to the matching numbers on the telephone keypad (i.e. 1-555-2-CALL-US).
  • Drag and Drop Feature: Makes call transfer, speed dialing, and other functions faster and easier.
  • Instant Messaging: The Chat feature allows text communication capabilities between users, broadcast message to multiple users, and simultaneous Chat sessions.
  • Extension Keys: Dial other extensions with the touch of a button, and see user availability from your computer screen with lamp indication.
  • Docking: Dock the Call Manager program to any edge of your computer screen to optimize your screen space. You can work in other programs without hiding the docked toolbar.
  • Personal Settings: Can enable settings to receive automatic screen pops with caller information on incoming calls.
  • Call History: A log of incoming and outgoing calls is automatically saved, and can be used to search, sort, print, or redial with just one click.
  • Call Notes: Type notes during a phone conversation. The notes will remain with the call wherever it is transferred, so callers do not have to repeat themselves or re-answer questions.
  • Voicemail: A flashing notification will appear on your computer screen when you have a new voice message.