What Makes VoIP Attractive for Business?

Business communication hugely affects the outcome of business operations and this is the sole reason majority of the enterprises put a lot of emphasis on maintaining an efficient business communication system. IP or VoIP telephony has penetrated the communication market in the last decade and is making inroads into the corporate houses that wants to avail the facilities offered by the latest communication technology. Quick recovery and greater flexibility are the two biggest USPs of VoIP telephone systems, which has immense significance in the business world. Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world have found a perfect communication partner in VOIP systems and they are lapping up the advanced telephony features being offered to them. Not only are advanced telephony features in the offing, even a range of multimedia features are also being provided by these VoIP systems.

The popularity of VoIP systems have largely been due to their extensive use by business houses. Even international travellers, home-based freelance workers, remote workers etc. have been using it on a regular basis. We will be taking a look at some of basic as well as advanced features offered by the VoIP systems and also analyze their role in the success of businesses.

Advantages offered by VoIP systems are as follows:

  • Low call rates
  • No additional costs for maintenance or upgrades
  • Free calls among the users in the same network
  • All the system changes and settings can be applied directly to the browser.
  • Users will be able to listen to the messages even while they are located far away from their base locations
  • Billing system is extremely flexible
  • Optimum system usage can be made even by the mobile offices
  • Customers as well as employees can be contacted any point in time

Advanced features are common to even the basic VoIP systems and users can subscribe to the services being provided by the leading telecommunication companies in the world. VoIP is known to be an intelligent technology where users can avail features like smart call routing. Skill-based call routing is another great feature that can enhance call handling intelligently by routing the calls to the workers who are equipped to handle particular kind of calls. The most attractive thing about VoIP is that it provides a gamut of advanced features at no extra cost, which are often charged highly by the other provides. One can take the three way calling feature, which can be availed for free if one has subscribed with the VoIP services whereas they would have to pay extra charges for the same feature when they are using a different telephony service.

Users can even use the feature like self-service to save both time as well as money. This feature allows the business owners to redirect some of the calls to specific IVRs or secure database related functions to answer the calls. Thus, handling large volume of calls becomes really easy for the business owners and agents will find it easy to manage the calls in a better manner. The callers will also not have to wait for getting response on their queries.

Some of the obvious benefits that users can derive from the use of VoIP systems are as follows:

Greater security – Data transmission by a VoIP system is carried over a highly secure VPN network that leads to enhanced data security. Data transmission on VoIP systems is similar to the transferring data over a private network.

Advanced telephony features – Numerous advanced telephony features can be availed for free by subscribing to the VoIP services. Business owners can use the advanced features to reduce latency and enhance the efficiency of business processes.

Low costs – VoIP systems offer low call rates and this is particularly advantageous for the callers who make overseas or long distance calls.

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