VoIP Hacking

Detect VoIP Hacking

VoIP is popular, and its popularity attracts the wrong doers in drives. VoIP hacking is used to steal your contact details, steal some call time, and to misuse your connection from making international and long distance calls at your expense.  Read on to detect VoIP hacking and how to protect yourself.

Voice over Internet protocol or VoIP has offered a numerous advantages to both small scale and large business enterprises. With this communication system, it has become easier for organizations to communicate with their employees, partners and clients all over the world. This system has made business communication more effective and faster. Irrespective of your location, you and your business can take advantage of this system. It allows you to have efficient and dependable business communication.

Although VoIP services are useful for any business, if not installed properly, they do become vulnerable to mischief. Improper VoIP implementation will lead to problems that may make your business suffer. VoIP hacking is used hackers to mess with your connection and business. They are creative in defining new ways with which they can increase your costs and steal data, and steal your contact lists. After you install a VoIP system, it’s your responsibility to check whether your system protected or you are a victim of VoIP hacking.

Let us understand what VoIP hacking is and how to identify it.

Getting Fake Anti-Virus Messages

Being an IP based system, VoIP uses the Internet for completing its regular operations. Whether you are doing a voice communication or video conference, you will need data. If you or your employees suddenly start getting fake anti-virus messages, there are high chances that your system is hacked! Inform your technical team immediately to check the system. You cannot do much more that stop using the system and wait for a green signal from the technical team. They will trace the source of such messages and build some protection against it. Next time you get a fake anti-virus message beware.

Trace Irregularities In Voip Call-History

It is true that you cannot monitor all calls. You are not the only person who is using VoIP system in you organization. Thus, implementation of an effective call monitoring model may not be possible. However, if you check your VoIP call history at regular intervals you may find that there are some irregularities. One way to check is limiting the calls to certain geographical boundaries. If you find numbers that are unknown to you or your employees, it’s time to take action. You can start looking for other signs that shows that your system is hacked.

Activation Of Webcams Or Microphones

While video conferencing through your VoIP system you need webcams and microphones. It is indeed an excellent feature that allows you to communicate with employees and business associates easily. However, the threat comes when you find that webcams or microphones are activated without your knowledge. Every system should ideally seek the user’s permission and then activate these devices. Thus, beware and inform your technical team and VoIP service provider if you encounter any such anomaly.

Internet Searches Are Redirected

Another sign that shows that your system is attacked by hacker! While you are conducting regular searches online and you are redirected to new sites unknown to you, chances are high that your system is being hacked. Many times you may find unwanted toolbars and extensions to your browsers. They also point to the fact that your system is hacked. Get in touch with your VoIP service provider soon to get rid of unwanted stuff.

VoIP Bills Shoot Up Without Reason

Why will a hacker hack your system? Obviously to misuse it for himself. Thus, if you find your VoIP bill is much higher than regular bills you should start taking immediate action. Inform your system admin and finance to do a system and usage audit. Also seek clarification from the VoIP provider on the details of such bill. If you take action quickly you can control the damage.

Irrespective of the size of your business, it is not a pleasant experience to be taken for ride. This is more important for small and medium business where every penny count. It is good to be aware of where you are susceptible and build a protective mechanism.

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