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Why do organizations need to record calls?

VoIP offers the unique feature of recording each and every call made using the system. You can save the recorded files in the form of a voice files that can be later reused for various business purposes. There are several call recording tools available in the market that can be used to record VoIP as well as PSTN conversations. This is in fact a great way of immortalizing the conversations and reusing them as and when required.

After you have recorded the calls, you will be able to save them on to the hard disk of your laptop or PC or even cloud storage. The files are stored in the form of media files that follow popular audio formats like mp3, wav etc. Once the calls are stored as audio files, you will be able to share them, archive them, podcast them and do many other things that you desire. Companies often record calls because it is very important for businesses to save information that can be used for managerial or other purposes. People often might not quite like the idea of recording calls as they find it to be a breach of privacy; however, there are real good reasons behind recording phone conversations in an organization.

Companies have several pertinent reasons behind recording a few or all the phone calls. One common reason behind call recording is to improve customer handling and quality management. Often managers want to keep a tab on how the executives in different departments handle customer calls. There is always scope for improvement but it cannot be done until and unless top level managers have access to the voice records. Once they are able to access the audio files of the recorded calls, they will be able to analyze the performance of each executive and offer suggestions on improvements as well.

Quality control in customer call handling is imperative tasks for managers and recorded phone conversations can be a great database for making effective case studies. These case studies can later be used during training sessions to point out the exact mistakes being committed. Thus, agents and executives who handle customer calls on a regular basis will be able to avoid committing the same mistakes and improve their quality.

Another big advantage of call recording is that it provides an opportunity to the executives to later replay the conversation and find out if they have missed out on any important point mentioned by the customer, vendors, colleagues and even seniors. Thus, they can take note anything they missed and provide better and appropriate service to customers.

Call Recording Tools

It is not a very efficient method to put your phone on loudspeaker and record the calls. There are several gadgets and tools to facilitate recording of phone calls that are available either directly with the phone set or uses an external sound card. There are numerous call recording tools offered by VoIP and you can take advantage of these smart yet convenient tools, which are not only limited to call recording. The popular call recording tools are broadly classified into:

  • Tools for personal use
  • Tools for business use

If you are using a PBX at office then there are several business call recording tools integrated with the VoIP telephone system and you can keep the recorded file in your company’s secured server or use the cloud storage facility offered by major VoIP service providers.

Record a live phone conversation to your voicemail– keep it for future reference or forward it to others.