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UCOLA CARES Project 2014

UCOLA Cares 2014 Spreading Smiles to Children and others in our local community! Each year, we partner with a local charitable organization to show that UCOLA truly “Cares” about blessing the lives of others! This year we had the opportunity to sponsor (20) children under the care of the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services who […]

Section 179 Tax Deductions

Buy a phone system before the end of the year, and save 35% with the Section 179 tax deduction! The Section 179 Deduction limit is $25,000 and will expire at midnight on December 31, 2014. Calculate your savings here:  http://alturl.com/paaor

BYOD Trends in 2014

This year bring your own device or BYOD is going to keep the IT industry busy with many more PCs and tablets are being used in the office space. Security concerns are being raised about BYOD. Mobile device management, mandatory BYOD and wearable BYOD technology are some of the trends we will see this year.

Importance of VoIP Data Backup & Data Recovery

Floods, fire, earthquakes and hurricanes are natural disasters that no one can control. The only thing we can control is the potential damages. Businesses have often lost fortunes due to natural disasters that wreaked havoc on their operations. Not only do companies suffer from monetary damages but also lost data. Thus, data backup and data […]

How Can SIP Leverage Your Real Time Communications?

Every business depends on one or more communication channels for their regular business activities. For instance, one company might take to messaging frequently, while another might use video conferencing a lot. Unified Communications and cloud-based VoIP has offered a plethora of services for real-time communications, which facilitates smooth running business processes. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) […]

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Wireless Headset

What can a cordless headset do for you? Regardless how much time you spend on the phone each day, cradling a phone on your shoulder can cause neck and back pain. By using a headset as part of your daily work routine, you will become less fatigued and you will notice improvements in your posture. […]

“Wired” vs. “Wireless” Headsets

We all know that cradling a phone on our shoulder during a phone call can cause serious neck camps. By the end of the day, we feel like we need a shoulder rub or even a back massage. By using a headset during your workday, you will eliminate the neck cramping and even start to […]