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“Wired” vs. “Wireless” Headsets

We all know that cradling a phone on our shoulder during a phone call can cause serious neck camps. By the end of the day, we feel like we need a shoulder rub or even a back massage. By using a headset during your workday, you will eliminate the neck cramping and even start to see improvements in your posture.

Headsets that have a cord attached to your desk phone will certainly free up one hand to improve your productivity; however, having a wireless headset will allow you to free up both hands and become mobile during a phone call. You will no longer be restrained to the length of the attached cord. Our wireless headset will allow you to go up to 350 feet from your phone, so now you can pull a file from the other room while you are still on the phone with your client. Or if you get put on-hold for a long time, you can freely go get a cup of coffee while you wait. A wireless headset gives you a freedom to roam around your office that a wired headset does not permit.

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