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Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

Why Should Businesses Adopt VoIP Phone Systems? In order to grow, businesses have to tap into new markets to increase their customer base. It is imperative to maintain an impeccable communication system. An efficient communication system allows a business to not only maintain seamless connectivity with customers and employees, it also lowers their telephone bills. […]

On-Premise vs Hosted Phone Systems

Modern VoIP business phone system come in two major flavours. One is an on-premise IP-PBX, and the other is hosted, or cloud based solution. If you are looking at new options for upgrading your telephone system in your office, it is a good idea to take a look at the hosted PBX systems. We are […]

Improving VoIP Voice Quality

VoIP is the new technology in telephone service which uses the Internet. This is a great way to be in touch with family and colleagues, irrespective of their location. VoIP does not distinguish between national, international and, local calls as it uses the data network. This emerging service helps business owners stay in touch with […]

VIPedge Wins 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award Toshiba’s VIPedge® has won a 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from TMC, a global, integrated media company. “Toshiba is recognized as a leader in the advancement of cloud computing with the announcement of Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based business telephone solution as a recipient of the Fourth Annual Cloud Computing Excellence Award,” […]

5 Important VoIP System Features For Your Business

As technology advances, so does the technology of VoIP over traditional PSTN. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has advantages over Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) as it can be more cost efficient and offers many more features. It offers more advanced calling options and at a reasonable cost, less costly than PSTN. When a stable […]

Why we use VoIP, and you should, too!

From small businesses to large corporate houses, everyone seems to have come under the spell of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. If you too have a strong urge to dump your PSTN phones and migrate to the latest VoIP system, it is time to learn about some of the features that it offers. This […]

4 Simple Reasons To Choose IP-PBX

PBXs have existed for many decades and were considered to be a luxury as they were not affordable to the small business concerns. The special PBX feature that is applied to the VoIP system is known as IP-PBX and it is the acronym for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. PBX connects the telephone extensions of […]

Business Phones – New Shade of Communication

Business communication is an important tool that helps businesses beat competition and deliver best-in-class customer service. Most small businesses face problems with their communications as they neither have the budget nor the infrastructure to maintain an impeccable communication system. With the advent of the Internet, VoIP services have become an indispensable part of every organization […]

Business VoIP – 5 Things to Consider For Setup

Businesses need to make optimum use of their resources to function smoothly and keep the operational costs in check. It is vital for small business owners or newly established businesses to focus on creating high quality products and services without overshooting their budget. If they fail to do so, challenges will occur when balancing the […]