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How Cloud Computing Increases Your Business Efficiency

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Cloud Phones – New Face of Enterprise Communication

In 2015, as in the past two years, there has been a surge in adoption of cloud telephone systems all over the world. Businesses, small and large, have scaled taller heights by leveraging the power of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. For those who have been stonewalling or procrastinating on any effort to switch […]

Nominated “Best Place to Work” in 2015

We are thrilled to have been nominated as Best Place to Work in 2015! Universal ComOne was founded in 2005 with an enthusiastic team spirit. That spirit remains over a decade later.  We have an amazing group of people each with exceptional talent. As a team, we strive to provide industry-leading service to each of […]

Top Benefits of SIP Trunking

If you are utilizing a traditional telephone service provider, and you have analog CO (central office) lines or ISDN primary rate interface (PRI), you’re missing advanced features that are quickly becoming essential, and trunk bandwidth is not being used as efficiently as it could be. Our SIP channels come with unlimited local and long-distance calling. Business-Grade […]

The Severity of PBX Hacking – How to Protect Yourself

Modern day businesses believe in maintaining the latest communication systems for their enterprise communications. Not only does it help to maintain a seamless communication both within the company as well as outside, it also enhances the prospects of beating the cut-throat competition in the market. The latest communication systems like VoIP and cloud telephony are […]

Small Business Communication Systems

The domain of small business communication systems is rapidly expanding because it is no longer limited to the traditional PSTN phones or PBX systems. It would be wrong to say that modern businesses have stopped using the PBX systems – there are many that still use digital PBX systems. Several organizations are switching to advanced, […]

Celebrating 10 Years in Business!

Happy New Year to You, and Happy Anniversary to Us! Today, January 1, 2015, marks our 10th year in business. Universal ComOne Louisiana, LLC opened its doors in Lafayette, LA, in 2005, but the story didn’t start there. Universal Telephone Company, Inc. was originally founded in 1984; then Universal ComOne, LLC was re-established to resume […]