SIP for real time communications

7 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

If you are on the fence about a new IP telephone system, here are 7 reasons to consider switching to a VoIP business phone system.

  1. Mobile Solutions
    Legacy phone systems use traditional desk phones, which are great if all your work takes place at a desk. But you no longer have to be near your desk phone to handle calls. With VoIP, you can use software on your PC to make and receive calls, as well as use a free app to make and receive business phone system calls on your smartphone.
  2. Never miss an important phone call
    With VoIP, you can direct incoming calls to ring at multiple locations — cell phone, home phone, office desk, etc. You set your preferences for how phone calls find you and follow you based on time of day, incoming caller ID or your availability status.
  3. A direct line for every user
    VoIP gives each user a direct inward dial (DID) phone number or private line. Calls can go directly to them without having to go through a receptionist or automated attendant. Your customers, vendors, suppliers and colleagues can quickly get in touch more quickly with employees who have a DID.
  4. Voicemails and faxes delivered to your email
    On a VoIP solution with unified messaging, voicemails are recorded as a .wav file and then emailed to you and/or delivered to your desk phone or smartphone. There’s no need to call into the office to see if you have any voicemail messages.Similarly, incoming faxes can be received as.pdf files and emailed to you or to a designated general email. Get faxes anywhere you get your email.

  5. Call Control from your PC or tablet
    With unified communications, you can use your PC to click-to-dial, create on-screen “buttons” for other extensions, see the availability of colleagues and instant message (chat) with them, review call history, and add shortcuts to files and applications. You already use your PC for most business functions throughout the day. VoIP allows you to save time and be more productive.
  6. Your smartphone as your extension
    Have you ever needed to call a customer or vendor back from your cell phone but didn’t want them to see your personal cell phone caller ID? With VoIP and a free app, you can call from your cell phone and show the office main caller ID. You can conference, transfer, screen calls and more, right from your smartphone.
  7. Automatic screen pops in your CRM
    Inbound calls will open the contact in your customer relationship management (CRM) system based on caller ID. You know who is calling as you answer the phone, and you can have their current account and contact information immediately on your screen. This allows you to increase productivity and provide exceptional customer service.