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7 Amazing Growth Features of Cloud Phone System

Tired of making space for the PBX system and maintaining it? You are not alone; there are thousands of offices and businesses who are suffering from the same problem and looking for a way out! It is the cloud phone system that offers some reprieve here! This phone system, as the name suggests, is hosted in the cloud. In cloud hosting, multiple servers are used to host data that are all interconnected while feeding on each other’s computing and storage capabilities. Data is stored on a secure cloud server can be accessed using the Internet. It is hosted by a third party provider, and you do not have to worry about the traditional landlines. So, it’s not only easy to use but is less expensive too.

Some features of a Cloud phone system that can reduce your operating costs are:

#1 Avoid Costly Equipment

Cloud phone systems give you freedom from the costly equipment that you must buy and install in order to manage your traditional phone systems. Forget about the costly PBX system or any software upgrades. All you need is telephones to make and receive calls. Some hosted solutions don’t even require you to purchase the telephones. With a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option, employees can use your smartphone or tablet as an extension on the phone system. Therefore, it can save on internal maintenance costs and cuts down the budget for capital expenditures.

#2 Quick Set-Up

Setting up a traditional phone system can be timely and may require a certificated technician. However, most cloud-based telephone solutions are just plug and play. It is still a good idea to make sure your vendor offers training on the cloud phones. Fancy phones with a lot of features will serve little purpose if the users do not know how to use them properly. To maximize the cost efficiencies of a cloud phone system, make sure all employees are comfortable using the phones and can remain productive.

#3 Convenient Management

Forget about hiring a telecommunications professional. Your admin person will have the ability to manage and configure users at any location. Changes can be made at anytime from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Most of the features can also be controlled by individual users. They are empowered to control their own settings thus reducing the work of any particular individual.

#4 Easy to Understand, Predictable Billing

The billing system with a cloud phone system is different than a traditional dial tone provider. Cloud phone services usually include a flat rate. So say goodbye to those times when the main topic of discussion at finance meetings were high telephone costs and confusing telephone bills. No need to spend money on complicated hardware or spend time finding out the reasons behind the high phone bills.

#5 More Leverage With More Features

Cloud phone systems allow you to manage the telephony system in a smarter way. Call forwarding to any number or your support team is no longer a concern. Record your own voicemail and send it across to your employees throughout the organization. Choose either from traditional phones to take calls or give your employees mobile phones that will work with the cloud phone system. Integrate these features for all your employees that embrace BYOD too. You can integrate BYOD into this system thus making things more commutable and easy. The cloud phone system can be used by employees across multiple locations.

#6 Access To 911

In any emergency, you can call 911 or any other directory assistance. This feature is not always available in other telephony solutions such as SKYPE which does not allow you to call emergency numbers.

#7 Unified Communications

Organizations that have heavy phone workload will always think of unified communications (UC) as a blessing. UC allows you to use other devices like computers for making and taking calls, seamlessly.

By allowing unified communication, cloud phone systems not only save time but also make the whole system more productive. So online meetings will not be a hassle and can be conducted without the help of an IT professional. Keep in mind, if your organization is not ready to change out its communications solution, many cloud phone systems can integration with an existing system.

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