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5 Important VoIP System Features For Your Business

As technology advances, so does the technology of VoIP over traditional PSTN. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has advantages over Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) as it can be more cost efficient and offers many more features. It offers more advanced calling options and at a reasonable cost, less costly than PSTN. When a stable VoIP system is implemented, it enables users to move a step forward towards Unified Communication. Here are 5 important features of that are useful for any business.

1. Auto Attendant

With this feature the user is allowed to access a menu through which he can easily choose a desirable extension. Automated attendant is like a virtual assistant, which performs the job of a telephone operator. When someone calls, the auto attendant answers the call and guides the caller through a variety of options like business hours, directions, departments, extensions or any pre-recorded messages. With an auto attendant, small organizations can appear to be a large enterprise. An auto attendant is programmable and works 24/7.

2. Voicemail / Call Forwarding

Commonly known as ‘find-me follow-me’ in VoIP services, you can set a number of IP addresses to forward your incoming calls. Users are allowed to route several numbers so that their clients are able to reach them when they want. This is possible with Presence software which allows the important calls to reach the person whom they need, irrespective of the time and date. This is useful for users who have overseas workers too, as calls can be routed to them easily. A caller may also leave a voicemail if they are unable to reach you through call forwarding. Thus, important messages are always accessible to you and your colleagues.

3. Call Recording

In a PSTN network, you need to install special devices for recording calls. Since VoIP uses a computer network, all calls can be easily recorded. These calls can be saved or forwarded as necessary. It is important to understand that recording calls without the permission of the other party may be illegal in some states. It is best practice, to request permission to record a phone conversation. However, some states (i.e. – Louisiana) are a one-party recording state which means that only one party in the conversation needs to know the call is being recorded. So, it’s perfectly fine to record a phone call you are on.

4. DND

Do Not Disturb or DND gives you privacy when needed. It leaves you undisturbed by any calls. Once you turn it on, you can easily stop incoming calls to your number. When you are attending any conferences, seminars or meetings you can easily stop unwanted calls from disturbing you. And not only that, it allows you to program the VoIP system in a way that, while you are ignoring the call, you can forward the caller to a voice mail or any other destination so that you may get the information once you are done with your meeting. It is always good idea to tell the caller why you are not able to answer the call. This can be programmed.

5. Conference Calling

When one is using PSTN, you may have to bear some extra charges for conference calls. In VoIP, conference calling is built into the system. You can start a call and simply rope in your colleagues and others into the call. Of course, the system can be programmed to allow conferencing for certain extensions, or even the number of participants that can attend a conference all. These are for security reasons.

These are just some basic features that VoIP provides its users. Apart from these, some other features available are Voicemail to email transcription, call screening, music on hold, and coaching tools like barge and whisper.

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