Avoid Common Pitfalls in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Management modules are set up in businesses to understand and come up with means to counter pitfalls and help in business disaster recovery. There are a number of ways to keep these disasters at bay. A proper business drive, coupled with optimism, is the mainstay of entrepreneurial success. However, that is not all. This does not imply that by maintaining these few things, one will be able to avoid all business pitfalls. There has to be some proper way in which the business recovery service can avoid some common drawbacks.

Having A Proper Business Plan For Disaster Recovery

Absence of a proper business plan will surely prove to be very costly and will invariably lead to a disaster. Thus en route to disaster recovery, ingenuity, enthusiasm, and optimism are all very essential factors for making a successful business endeavor. No matter how skilled, how experienced an entrepreneur might be, for lack of a proper business plan, his or her efforts are bound to fail. Thus, the presence of a strategically chalked out and properly articulated plan is one of the most important aspects of en route to disaster recovery.

Realistic Capital Requirements

When the initial business objective or goal is set, it has to be realistic. There is simply no point in setting an unrealistic goal and then failing to achieve it. Making false promises to prospective customers is not something that pays well. Thus, in the same way, looking for some impossible objectives and setting some unrealistic capital requirement will leave the business in a very dire state of affairs. Thus, it is imperative that the capital requirement that is set is realistic and achievable. This is another extremely wise way to avoid disaster.

Special Emphasis On Marketing

There are a number of businesses that have committed a blunder by ignoring the market, thinking that their product or service will take the market by storm, putting their competitors behind. This is another potential blunder made, thus inviting their demise. Hence, if a business is to avoid disaster or go for disaster recovery, one of the first and foremost things that they need to do is to gauge the market in a proper way. Ignoring the market is a dangerous practice that should not be undertaken at all.

Maintaining Up-To-Date Financial Records

The books of account reflect the state of affairs of a business. Thus, if the maintenance of the financial records and books of accounts are lethargic or not up to the date, this may lead to a disaster subsequently. Hence, proper maintenance of record books is imperative when it comes to avoiding business pitfalls.

Slow But Steady

There is a propensity among some entrepreneurs to grow fast and make a huge profit in minimal time. This over enthusiasm many times lures them to commit mistakes and results in disaster. Hence, it is wiser to grow slow but grow steadily so that it becomes possible to take evasive actions and guard against failure.

Business facing disasters is not very uncommon. However, the objective of any business should be to make sure that these pitfalls are small and minor enough so that they do not take much time and effort for recovery. Here is where this advice will come in handy. It does not require rocket science, but some logical thinking and some strategic planning to avoid business pitfalls.

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Importance of VoIP Data Backup & Data Recovery

Floods, fire, earthquakes and hurricanes are natural disasters that no one can control. The only thing we can control is the potential damages. Businesses have often lost fortunes due to natural disasters that wreaked havoc on their operations. Not only do companies suffer from monetary damages but also lost data. Thus, data backup and data recovery are two of the most important factors that every modern business needs to consider.

Data Digitization and Data Storage Systems

Digitization of data storage has led to a revolution wherein we recognize digital data storage to be the safest way to archive and protect our data. Businesses around the world use digital storage in the form of PC hard disks, CD ROMs, DVDs, Flash drives and even server storage. Cloud storage is the newest technology being used by companies because of the data security, backup, and recovery facilities offered.

Data Backup and Recovery System

Data Backup Centre

Disaster recovery

At the time of a natural disaster, offices might be affected wherein even PCs, laptops, and other electronic equipment used to store data might get damaged. Thus, conventional forms of data storage might take a hit even when we feel that a hard drive is the safest place to store all the digital files. Cloud-based systems have emerged as the savior in such situations. Both data storage and data backup are being provided in a very secure environment.

Cloud-based data storage

Disaster Recovery is a very important task in the aftermath of a crisis. A business can be up and running only when it is able to recover all its important business data. Cloud-based storage is a great new way for storing vital information, and it uses cloud computing technology. Not only does a business need to store digital files, they also have to store telephony data. The majority of businesses are using VoIP services, so they have a whole lot of valuable customer data, emails and other information stored on their VoIP server.

Data recovery

Now, as all the data for VoIP is stored in the cloud, data backup is pretty easy. Recovering the data is equally as simple. Natural disasters are not the only culprit of data loss problems; human error can also lead to accidental deletion of data. To restore the old data after a system failure, there must be backup system in place.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest technology that uses cloud servers and is considered to be the safest. The data is spread over numerous locations, so whenever there is a failure in a particular location, data can be recovered from the other locations. Remote backup of data is possible when one uses cloud servers. The cloud-based servers are updated on a regular basis, so data security is confirmed from the service provider’s end.

VoIP service provider

The only thing that businesses have to keep in mind is to opt for the right VoIP service provider. When choosing a VoIP service provider, companies should never forget to ask for the storage and backup options. Always choose the one that suits the data storage needs of your company and its budget.

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Universal ComOne offers award winning business telephone systems that are right for any business. We can design a solution to fit your needs.

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