4 Simple Reasons To Choose IP-PBX

PBXs have existed for many decades and were considered to be a luxury as they were not affordable to the small business concerns. The special PBX feature that is applied to the VoIP system is known as IP-PBX and it is the acronym for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. PBX connects the telephone extensions of an organization to the outside mobile or public telephone network. It comprises of multiple telephone system branches and the connections are switched among them by linking the phone lines. Phones in a company are connected to the PBX, which in turn connected to the external line. Thus, one line can be leased and multiple users can use the phone line with individual phone numbers for every user. The format of the phone numbers does not follow the phone number format of the primary line. The PBX allows only a 3 or 4 digit number to be dialed for connecting to the users on the same network. The numbers are usually known as extension. A caller calling from outside the network asks for the extension for placing a call to the desired person.

The IP-PBX is an affordable technology which can be availed by even the smallest companies. The users will be able to avail the wide range of features at a fraction of the price. The installation of IP-PBX requires a little investment for the hardware as well as the software but the benefits and return on investment does complete justice to the expenditure.

The primary benefits offered by an IP-PBX are numerous features, scalability and manageability. Adding as well as removing a user from the telephone system can be a cumbersome task but with the IP PBX, it is breeze. The cost of adding or removing a user is negligible compared with the old PBX system.

1. Easy to Manage GUI based Configuration

Managing the latest IP-PBX is extremely easy as the GUI interface provides easy access to all the controls. You will be able to customize some of the features without too much technical understanding about the underlying technologies. It is also impressive to note the easy availability of all the management features on a single platform. Adding or deleting a user to and from the network is an easy task.

2. Cost saving using VoIP Provider

Since the IP-PBX uses the existing VoIP connection so the users are not required to buy additional hardware or software. All the essential hardware and software will be provided, maintained and upgraded by the VoIP service provider. Thus, users will be able to experience huge cost savings on the PBX system. This is really attractive for the small business owners who cannot afford the expensive PBX equipments. The smaller companies will be able to maintain a sophisticated and professional VoIP service.

3. Scalable

Small businesses and start-ups always prefer to work with systems that can be flexible enough to accommodate the growing demands of business communication. It is imperative that the PBX system too complies with this policy followed by the companies. The latest PBX systems are highly scalable and the number of communication lines being handled by the PBX can be easily increased or decreased depending on the growth rate of the company.

4. Better Customer Service & Productivity

Equipped with an efficient and effective PBX system, it will be easier for the companies to provide better customer service and register higher productivity. The employees of a company will be able to cater to the needs of the customers in an efficient manner, thus solving the customer issues without delay. Hence, a higher productivity can be easily registered by the company.

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