Why we use VoIP, and you should, too!

From small businesses to large corporate houses, everyone seems to have come under the spell of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. If you too have a strong urge to dump your PSTN phones and migrate to the latest VoIP system, it is time to learn about some of the features that it offers. This is just an attempt to make you feel more confident about your choice and at the same time outline the immense power of VoIP technology:

Voicemail to Email transcription

This is probably an extension of the digital PSTN phones that we got in the early 80s – voicemail became a part of the phones. Since then voicemail had become an important part of our lives. From business communication to personal messages – it has become a way of life. With the advancement in technology, now the voicemail can be attached to our email as audio files. This is a significant improvement as it allows all our important voicemails to be converted into email transcriptions that can be accessed at our convenience. We also get to enjoy another big advantage – no messages can now be missed as the storage of voicemails as audio files can be accessed at any point in time.

Music on Hold

Music on hold is another significant feature offered by the latest VoIP systems. This feature will help us to create a professional image in front of our clients. We get the opportunity to professionally keep our callers waiting till someone from the authorized department attends the call. Often callers tend to get restless when they are kept on hold but if the waiting time can be filled with some soothing music or some interesting information about the company then the wait might not be so boring. It is very important that the callers (rather the customers) are made to feel special and music on hold is just another way to achieve that goal.


Conferencing feature offered by VoIP has been taken to another level where the advanced technology is helping people located in the most remote location of the world to take part in virtual meetings. Small business owners are using this future to the fullest as they are able to log in from a variety of devices and take part in vital meetings of companies and government agencies. Some of the most advanced conferencing solutions have been integrated by the VoIP service providers to pep up their service bouquet.

Unified Communication

UC or Unified communication is the most intelligent way of integrating all the communication tools and channels on a single platform. Unified communication allows multiple communication devices to be linked to the same VoIP network. The single platform allows easy management of all the communication channels and keeps them all in sync with one another. The administrator or owner can keep a tab on the calls being made from the system and can even limit the number of calls for a user. Unified communication has given a complete new management style for a variety of devices using a common VoIP network.

Cost cutting

People are finding VoIP to be an economic alternative to their old PSTN telephone systems. VoIP systems allow the owners cut down their operating costs and maintain profitability for the company. VoIP calls are cheaper than the calls made from traditional calls and this is true for even the international or overseas calls. Thus cheaper alternatives allow the company owners choose the VoIP above others.

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