Three Steps to Ensure IP-PBX Security

Businesses are fast adopting IP-PBX systems to strengthen their communications as well as make them more efficient. The deployment phase of IP-PBX is extremely critical and great care should be taken in terms of the security of the system. Cyberattacks are on the rise and with every passing day the hackers are resorting to more complex and smarter ways of breaching system security. You need to take the right steps to ensure that your organization is leveraging the power of this extremely efficient communications system.

Here is a list of 3 critical steps to ensure IP-PBX security:

1. Deploy Security Software

Probably the most basic step when deploying an IP-PBX system is to install security software—anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware should be implemented. Once these have been installed, it is important to continue updating them from time to time so that hackers are not able to break the old code (which they can do). The companies that manufacture security software keep updating their products and release them for their users to provide better protection. The intrusion detection system keeps a vigil on the network and the moment it detects suspicious activities, access for the non-trusted user is immediately restricted. Thus, protection of the IP-PBX phone system is a process that keeps running in the background while you are busy making and receiving calls. In order to combat the security and hacking threats, your network needs to have the appropriate software shield.

2. Set Tough Passwords

The majority of IP-PBX severs can be configured from a web interface and will require a password to gain access. Thus, if you use a weak password, it can provide just the right opening a hacker is looking for. Your system will be extremely vulnerable when there is a security gap in the form of a weak password. You will need to set a strong password and keep changing it from time to time so that it becomes extremely tough for the hacker to break. It is better to use a combination of numbers, letters, special characters etc. – these types of combinations are more complex and are not as easily breakable.

3. Watch System Usage

It is extremely important that you keep monitoring the system for usage in order to detect any unusual or suspicious activities. You should monitor network activity on a regular basis and collect information about network users, applications and even the peak time usage. There are a several monitoring tools available, which can provide you graphical data on usage.

There are several other methods to protect your IP-PBX system, but the above three are the most critical, which would go a long way in making optimum use of this advanced communication system.

Universal ComOne will consult with your company to determine the appropriate security measures needed, as well as monitor your system usage periodically. It is our goal to ensure seamless communications for you and your users at all times.

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