Why VoIP and CRM Integration is Vital

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system plays an important role in helping your business keep track of your interactions with leads and customers. Many CRM integrations will allow you to connect your CRM account to your VoIP phone system so that the two systems can exchange information. This integration can have many advantages for your business. Below, we discuss just a few of the business benefits of integrating your VoIP system with your CRM platform.

Benefits of Integrating VoIP with CRM

Here are a few ways that you can benefit from using a VoIP service that integrates with your customer relationship management platform:

Better customer experience

Every business wants to provide a positive experience for their customers. CRM integrations will allow your sales and customer support teams to anticipate what the customer may need in real-time. By automatically pulling up the customer’s information when they call, this integration helps the sales or support agent provide a better experience by allowing them to quickly focus their attention on the customer instead of taking additional time to search for the customer’s information.

Log call data in real-time

Every time someone from your company interacts with a customer, it provides valuable insight for your business. For instance, when sales personnel chat with leads on the phone, these conversations may help shed light on what customers are looking for and what it takes to close the sale. With VoIP CRM integrations, sales and support staff no longer have to manually type up their call notes. Instead, all of this information is logged in real-time, even allowing for agents to attach the recorded conversation to the customer’s profile for later reference.

Improve staff management

VoIP CRM integrations allow you to collect key metrics on each sales and support staff member. For instance, you can track the number of calls that each agent takes, the average wait time, and the average call time. Managers can use this CRM information to find ways to make improvements across the team and with individual team members. This also helps business owners better anticipate their staffing needs as they can determine the busiest call times and identify how many agents are needed to handle current and anticipated call volumes.

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