Toshiba’s CIX40 is an ideal solution for small businesses

The Strata CIX40 telephone system has built-in features like auto attendant, automatic call Strata CIX40routing, and call control useful for any small business.

Small businesses can enjoy all the easy-to-use features of the Strata CIX40 phone system. The Strata® CIX40 IP business communication system can function as a traditional telephone system or as an IP telephony system. The phone system can benefit any small business environment with:

  • A unique, wall-mountable, modular design
  • 8-16 digital telephone ports
  • 8 IP channels for IP telephone connections and IP Strata Net multi-system networking
  • 1-2 analog station ports

Built-In Features

Aside from the usual features like caller ID to see who callers are, voicemail to listen to messages, an LCD display to make information easy to read, and an auto attendant to guide callers to their point-of-contact, the Strata CIX40 phone system also has more extensive features including:

  • Programmable buttons, letting employees assign their own functions to their individual phones
  • Applications for Call Center ACD and Reporting, Unified Messaging, Voice Logging, CRM integration, as well as Web-based Personal and System Administration.
  • Ability to fully upgrade as well as add employee stations, telephone numbers, and fax lines easily
  • Can be networked with other Strata CIX systems and used as a branch location

Other Innovative Features That Can Save Your Company Money

The Strata CIX40 phone system can make your company’s operations more efficient through: Automatic call routing to the least costly carrier or line Call control, with the ability to restrict long-distance calls or certain area codes Remote programming and testing for fast and efficient upgrades

Stay Mobile And Be Connected

Roam anywhere your Internet connection is with Strata CIX40, maintaining voice and data quality, using wireless IP telephones and SoftIPT soft phone clients that run on notebooks, tablet PCs, or PDAs via a wireless local area network (WLAN).