How to install and configure Call Manager for your VIPedge Hosted Phone Service

 Click Here to download Call Manager; then you can
Install Call Manager following the steps below.

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Select Client Installation and Click Next


Click Next  and then Agree to the License Agreement and Click Next

Leave blank or Select None. Click NextCM2

Click Next

Select Advanced and Click NextCM3

Click Next.

Enter Login information:

  • Login Name is uc(plus your extension number) (ex. uc2300) ALL LOWERCASE.
  • Password is Your Extension Number
  • Extension is Your Extension Number
  • Hostname is CP(########) .  If you do not know your CP number please contact Universal ComOne (337-234-2828).CM4

Make sure Checkbox is checked to Add Call Manager to Start-up and Click FinishCM5

Click OK to Reboot

After Reboot, Call Manager should launch automatically.

Read the 911 disclaimer and then Click I Understand.

On the Call Manager Login Profile window Click Add NewCM6Click Save

Click Use
Call Manager should login and you should see your extension number in the display

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Below are some suggested changes to the preferences of Call Manager:

Select Preferences Tab and click on General.

  • Uncheck Enable Sound. This plays “You’ve got mail” when you receive a voice mail message.
  • Check Handle Screen Locked/Unlocked events. This enables presence indications to other Call Manger users.
  • Under Call History, check Enable Call Logging and select All under Call Types.

Select the Docking Tab

  • Check “Enable Screen Docking”
  • Check “Enable Re-Dock on Startup”
  • Select “Slim” under Docked Profile

In the “Available Elements” window, you can drag over any additional button or features you would like presented to you in the Call Manager interface.

Click Save

Now you can leave call manager open as an application window or drag it to the botttom or top of your screen to dock it.

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For additonal features or if you require assitance with installation, please contact:
Universal ComOne at 337-234-2828 or Click Here to request service.